Donald Trump the incorruptible: the phenomenon debunked

selon-electeurs-interviewes-associated-pressDonald Trump made blunders. He is insulting, exaggerates, is confused on foreign affairs, and sometimes said things that are simply false.

And applause resound even more loudly.

While he would not even have had to survive the first few months of his campaign, Mr. Trump leads the race for the republican nomination for president in 2016. It seems that some aspects of his personality are the echoes in the voters: it does bend ever, and his fortune is a pledge of integrity, according to some.

“It is totally refreshing. It is not politically correct. He has a column and it cannot be bought,” said Leigh Ann Crouse, 55, of Dubuque in Iowa.

“This country needs a business man like him to get us back on track, to stop being the laughing stock of the world,” said Ken Brand, age 56, of Derry, New Hampshire.

The Associated Press has picked up this kind of responses from dozens of voters interviewed over the past two weeks, to understand how Mr. Trump manages to defy the laws of gravity policy.

Finally, it is not that his supporters turn a blind eye to the defects of the candidate; it is that its defects are precisely what makes it the leader that they expect.

Relieve the frustrations

“It attracts people who are frustrated and, as you can see, we are many,” explained Ms. Crouse, putting the finger on one of the strengths of Donald Trump: he said out loud what they think anyway.

His position on immigration illustrates this perfectly. He has treated mexican immigrants are criminals and proposed to deport the illegal immigrants and build a wall on the border between Mexico and the United States.

“As crazy as that may be, I think it addresses something that needs to be heard,” said Randy Thomas, a man of Bedford, New Hampshire, 40-year-old. “I think it says something that everyone thinks that it must be raised. If you are in a State of law, laws must be respected.”

Republican pollster Frank Luntz has understood that such support is emblematic of the popularity of Donald Trump.

“It activates the anger and frustration of the people towards Washington and Wall Street”, he summarized.

It seems, therefore, that it relieves simply the frustrations of some citizens, especially those who have been disappointed in the republicans who, according to them, have not taken sufficient head to the democratic administration of president Barack Obama.

According to the voters interviewed by the Associated Press, the attractiveness of the candidate resides also in the belief that he is a man of decisions that do not yield and does not make excuses. Even if he should sometimes.

Some seem to be convinced that the strength of his personality can reverse decades of imbalance in the international and that its commitments, for example to penalize the imported goods, will bring back the jobs moved to China and stimulate the economy slowed by the recession.

“We are so weak, we are not more respected,” believes Jerry Welshoff, 56 years of age.

“We can’t negotiate. I’d like to see Donald Trump sit down with (Russian president Vladimir) Putin, or Iran, or Mexico to enter into an agreement, because that is what he has done all his life.”

According to Mr. Welshoff, although he took control of Congress in 2014, the republican Party has bent the bow to Mr. Obama.

“Maybe we need a warrior, rather than a politician”, has raised Duane Ernster, 57 years of age.


A man as rich do not need the other. He does not need money. He even promised to pay for his campaign out of his own pocket.

For american voters, it is a token of sincerity that puts them in confidence.

One of the opponents of Mr. Trump, Jeb Bush, was seen as the favorite candidate when he launched his campaign, because of his ability to attract huge amounts of money.

“Remember this. They (the donors) have the total control of Jeb and Hillary (Rodham Clinton, the candidate for the democratic nomination, said Mr. Trump last week. I’ll tell you one thing. Nobody puts millions of dollars on me. I use my own money.”

It is a powerful argument.

“I think he’s doing it for the right reasons”, said a lady of 60 years, Nancy Adam, near Boston. “This is not for the money. This is not for political power. It has everything already. He has nothing to lose by doing this.”

Many of his followers, ” leave the door open and say that there is a chance that they will vote for another candidate. His campaign is not as sophisticated as those of some of his rivals, who have more political experience. But Mr. Trump will not leave, according to Frank Luntz.

There are very few things that the party elite, the journalists or his rivals can do the reverse, because his supporters have no confidence in these groups, he believes.

“I think the nomination Trump is here to stay, and I think the republicans need to find a way to manage this.”

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