Doping: Christiane Ayotte thinks suspend Russia would send a good signal

directrice-laboratoire-controle-dopage-institutThe suspension of Russian athletes until the cleaning is done in the anti-doping system in this country would send a powerful message, according to the director of the INRS Doping Control Laboratory, Christiane Ayotte.

“It is likely that the Russian athletes can not compete, maybe even the next Olympic (in Rio de Janeiro in 2016), possibly. It would be a good signal to launch, “Ayotte said in an interview with The Canadian Press.

Reacting to the dismantling in Russia an organized doping of athletes and their detection avoidance, however Ayotte said she was not at all surprised at this turn of events.

“Politically speaking, is are we surprised to learn that there was corruption in Russia? she drops laughing. It is a fact heard in Russia. What is sad is that it took many years before coming to end. ”

For her, everything is explained well, especially the apparent involvement of the government and the Russian secret services with the type of regime in Moscow.

“With all the money involved in those countries where democracy is restricted, there are some who are willing to put big money into the sport, because sport still is part of a country’s propaganda system” Does advance.

World renowned expert, it is emphasized that scientific practices from Russian laboratory referred have never been any doubt in his mind. Christiane Ayotte had itself argued against the withdrawal of the accreditation of this laboratory before the Sochi Games.

“What was involved at the time, it was not corruption, but more laboratory analysis practices. (…) But science was faultless. We had advanced in detecting which had been made possible by the work they had published, “she argued.

Ms. Ayotte says more troubled by revelations last week for a group of leaders of the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF).

“That has blackmailed and extorted money to athletes who had positive results for letting them compete, that is properly disgusting” slice specialist.

It states in this regard that the Committee on World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) chaired by Richard Pound of Montreal also detected the actions of the leaders of the IAAF during the investigation, but the information related to this aspect of the case n have not been made public so as not to interfere with ongoing investigations in France.

According to Ms. Ayotte, the discovery of this scandal not only shows the effectiveness of the anti-doping system, but also the courage of whistleblowers who are internally.

“What is important is that everyone is not corrupt. Within the International Athletics Federation, there are people who still held the fort, who fought in a system that had to be terrible; their bosses were involved, as well as the Russian anti-doping, but these people have held the fort, “she said.

Still, Ms. Ayotte believes that the work is far from over and that one has exposed the tip of the iceberg Russian.

“The mandate of the commission was restricted to athletics; it is not known what was happening, especially in biathlon or cross-country skiing, etc. Presumably this is the same thing. These athletes then dominated their discipline so outrageous and so it was important to address it, “she said.

It also recognizes that public confidence in sport in general is severely undermined the succession of scandals which over the years have shaken both the International Olympic Committee – with the disclosure of the payment of bribes to awarding the 2002 Games in Salt Lake City – the middle of cycling and, more recently, that of soccer with stories of corruption to the international football federation (FIFA).

According to her, Russia is probably not the only country to act cantilever regulation.

“The independence of the anti-doping systems is far from proven in several countries. Doubt will persist until we have solved the problem of independence, “she advance.

Christiane Ayotte, however, concerned that the outstanding performance of major sports are accompanied almost inevitably now doping suspicions, while this is not usually the case.

“When an outstanding athlete dominates his sport, we can actually look at it and say that it is not normal, so there’s dope. It’s not a shortcut that must be taken, “she warns.

“Yes, there are several countries where this could happen, but it was particularly important to attack Russia because there were athletes who were really, clearly above the pack,” added t- it.

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