Double murder in 2010: a crime improvised by imperturbable killer

robert-simpsonThe plan to kill two men in January 2010 in the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurant in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce was improvised and prepared in minutes by Robert Simpson killer.

That’s what Simpson became repentant witness, described himself this morning in the trial of a resident of Nova Scotia, Leslie Greenwood, accused of conspiracy and murder of Kirk Murray and Antonio Onesi committed that famous evening of 24 January.

Testifying for a second day, Simpson incriminated for the first time Greenwood telling that it is the latter which led Nova Scotia to Montreal to perform the double murder ordered by his boss at the time, a former member in good standing of the Hells Angels Nomads Ontario Jeffrey Lynds.

Simpson told that once happened in Quebec, he bought a cell phone at Petro-Canada, which was to be used exclusively by him and his boss, and only before and after the crime.

Later, Greenwood, Robert Simpson and the latter’s brother Timothy settled in a hotel on the Rue Saint Jacques, near the McDonald’s restaurant. The bait for the trap Murray was in the amount of $ 9,000 that Lynds had said he wanted to give him the sale of narcotics.

“We discussed how we were to kill Murray. Leslie (Greenwood) offered to do it at the hotel, but I thought it was a very bad idea. I sent my brother locate around, looking for a place where there was no camera, “said Simpson.

The appeal of the convicted

While the trio prevaricated, Simpson received a call on his newly purchased phone. To his surprise, it was his target itself, Kirk Murray, who called. Jeffrey Lynds had given him the new Simpson’s phone number, which put it in anger. “This gave the police a direct link between the killer and his victim,” he said.

It was then that Simpson improvised telling Murray he was looking for a place to sleep. Murray was offered to go get it and Simpson gave him appointment in a parking lot next to the restaurant, where Timothy had spotted no camera.

“The getaway car was parked in a parking lot between two snow banks. It was the perfect place. Murray called me to tell me that he was turning into the parking lot and had a red car. I saw it happen. I walked to the car and since I had gloves and I do not want him to doubt anything, I rubbed my hands pretending to be cold. ”

“He told me to go up and has settled a seat leaning toward something. I shot him in the column, another behind the head and another in the back. I turned towards the driver and I fired five times. Murray was out of the car, lying on his back. I approached him and I shot him four or five times in the head “, described with Simpson coldness, adding that he fired about 13 or 14 times in all and sent it by texting smiling snowmen to Lynds, a signal The two men agreed to confirm that the work had been done.

According to Simpson, is that brought the Greenwood in Nova Scotia, him and his brother. The testimony of the killer continues at the courthouse in Montreal.

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