Down with mezzanines to school!

celles-ci-amenageesThe school Our Lady of the Rosary and six other primary schools in the School Board of the Region de Sherbrooke will demolish all the mezzanines they have appointed in their classes, some for over a decade to comply with the new standards of the Régie du batiment. A decision that condemns the retired teacher Yves Nadon, who is the origin of these mezzanines to promote student learning.

Mr. Nadon has taught for 27 years at primary school Our Lady of the Rosary, located at the foot of Mont-Bellevue. Winner of numerous literary and educational price, it is known for its methods of learning through reading.

There are about ten years, it has redevelop its class to make it easy for his students. Besides mezzanine, we find several reading areas and a clawfoot tub …

Since that time, other teachers in the school Our Lady of the Rosary and CSRS imitated the idea launched by Mr. Nadon. Mezzanines have been appointed in some classes Desjardins schools Desranleau Boisjoli, Maisonnée The Alfred-Desrochers (St. Elias) and Jardin des Lacs (Saint-Denis-de-Brompton). In all, 13 mezzanines are covered by this Directive.

The order to demolish the mezzanines follows the audits when a teacher asked for permission to erect a second mezzanine.

“We then realized that the space between the mezzanine and the ceiling was less than eight feet, as required by the building standards for commercial buildings, Mr. Nadon said. But children do not even measure two meters high! “Is surprised that Mr. Nadon is difficult to explain how trading standards can be applied to … a school.

“I do not blame the school board to enforce standards, he said. I’m just saying we should have a broader reflection on the standards that should govern the development of a class. There is a lot of work, energy and focus from teachers to make their class enjoyable and conducive to learning, “notes Yves Nadon.

Student Safety

While confirming the decision to proceed with the demolition of the mezzanine, the CSRS said having considered all possible scenarios before arriving at the verdict.

“This is not a decision we have taken lightheartedly says Paule Corriveau, director of material resources. We have worked hard with our specialists to see if we could keep them, but given the new standards, it is very unlikely that we can do it, “says Corriveau stating that inspections of 13 mezzanines question are not yet completed.

“Because it is standards concerning the safety of students, we can not take risks,” says Corriveau stating that the decision is based on the standards imposed on public buildings that require a clear height of 2, 1 meter between the ceiling and mezzanines.

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