Drama in Terrebonne and Boucherville: he kills his two son and gets justice

arrivant-1179-rue-blois-bouchervilleA thirst for revenge killer had seized Michel Dubuc Thursday. The man would Boucherville shot dead his two son of 19 and 21 years to get to Terrebonne to fire projectiles at the head of a lawyer he pursued for $ 1.2 million. It would also have reached a pregnant notary would then returned home to set fire to his house and killing himself. At the time of publishing these lines, the two victims still lay in critical condition in hospital.

Michel Dubuc had several firearms. Thursday he would coldly murdered his own children, then go get justice and knocking Benoit Cote, he pursued for $ 1.2 million.

The mystery surrounding the sordid events there two days begins to dissipate. According to La Presse has learned, Michel Dubuc would first went to get his son, Gabriel and Jeremiah Thursday. It would have led to his home in the Rue De Blois, in Boucherville, before killing them by bullets.

The man would be mounted aboard his own vehicle and would have gone on in Terrebonne, on the North Shore of Montreal. Equipped with a concealed weapon in a box, it would be entered the building where the law firm Côté Gosselin, shortly after 17h. Once inside the office, he would have fired three shots. The lawyer Benoit Côté and a pregnant woman, the lawyer Marie-Josée Sills, fell under the bullets. Dubuc would be returned home, where he poured gasoline before lighting a fire and kill themselves with a gun.

“It has traces of speeding inside, still in good quantity […], which is found in the master bedroom, explains Tommy Lacroix, spokesman for the Longueuil police. Namely that really lit the fire, it remains to be determined. ”

Six hours after the attack in Terrebonne, is the former wife of Dubuc and the mother of the young men, worried about not hearing from them, who called the police around 0:30. When they presented themselves at the residence of Boucherville, a small fire was raging and firefighters intervened to extinguish it.

The lawyer representing Dubuc in this lawsuit, Mr. Peter Parker, was in shock on Friday that he had “never seen any evidence” slippage giving rise to suspicions of such magnitude. “I can not believe it, it’s atrocious. I have palpitations. I have never seen any evidence showing that such a thing could happen. I am wholeheartedly with the families of victims, “Mr. Parker said.

On the drama to another

Meanwhile, in Terrebonne, the police forwarded the investigation to the service of crimes against the person of the Sûreté du Québec. Investigators watched the recordings of surveillance cameras. They spotted the number of the license plate of the suspect vehicle. The address associated with the plate was the 1179 rue De Blois in Boucherville. Arriving on site, investigators found the scene of the double murder-suicide. Police and firefighters Longueuil were already on the scene.

“The investigation has led us [in Boucherville], and we have a person who died, said Martine Asselin, spokesman for the Surete du Quebec. This is our suspect Terrebonne, so, no, it is not looking for suspects. For us, it still brings some conclusions. ”

A discreet man and good boys

Michel Dubuc, 52, was a quiet and lonely man who rarely left his house, according to neighbors faced by La Presse. He remained in the street De Blois for at least ten years and was not known to police. He owned a grain company culture, Culture multigrain, registered to his home address. Man has also declared personal bankruptcy in April 2002. The civil Benoit Côté had represented at least twice, and in 2013, Dubuc sued 1.2 million against him. For now, it is impossible to know whether the man was suffering from depression or some other personal problem.

The younger of the two brothers, Gabriel, had celebrated his 19th birthday in March. The young man, as his friends called him “Dub” attending Cégep du Vieux Montreal and worked at the corner store La Ressource in Boucherville.

Martine Lestage lives a few blocks from the crime scene. His 19 year old daughter was a friend of the young man. The news spread like wildfire throughout the day on Friday. “My daughter called me in tears, with sobs. She was not even able to speak, she was only repeating “died Dub Dub is dead,” says Ms. Lestage, itself shaken. The young people gathered together to live their state of crisis together. ”

Late last week, Gabriel, her daughter and friends went to celebrate RibFest. “They went to college, everything was fine, and suddenly this morning, it’s the end of the world for young people. This is atrocious. I feel sorry for her and for all his friends, “says the mother. The eldest of 21, Jeremiah, was working at IKEA. His music teacher of primary school, who also live in the neighborhood, remembers a reserved and peaceful boy. “I knew Jeremiah, but not his parents, recalls Charline Leblanc. He was different from other children, he had learning difficulties. It was slower, but it was quiet, not violent, and he did not mind. He was respectful and endearing “On Facebook, her friend Chloe Paradis wrote.” Rest in peace Jeremiah. It was an honor to have you rub a part of my life. ”

Unexplained reason

If the shooting of Terrebonne like a revenge linked to the pursuit was still before the courts, the reason which prompted Dubuc to murder his two son is far inexplicable. “[As to] know exactly what is the motive or the circumstances, it is too early to establish, explained Ms. Asselin Friday afternoon. It seems that the reason [of events] that occurred in Terrebonne and circumstances of what took place [in Boucherville] are not exactly [the same] when we speak. ”

A financial transaction gone bad
Michel Dubuc had felt betrayed by his former lawyer, Benoit Cote, who advised him to invest half a million in a deal that went wrong and where he lost everything.

There are two years, Mr. Dubuc, a small contractor specialized in agricultural seeds, had filed a lawsuit against MeCôté 1.2 million, he is suspected of having killed Thursday in Terrebonne, and motion says long on what might have motivated his act.

Before 2009, Mr. Côté and Ms. Dubuc are engaged in a visibly healthy attorney-client relationship based on trust. On at least two occasions, the civil Terrebonne represents the contractor in civil cases.

But in the fall of 2010, things change. Me Side of friends want to buy a building Sainte-Catherine Street East, Montreal, home to the oldest bar Le Drugstore, but the man and woman do not have enough money to do it. They need $ 500,000 and ask the lawyer if he knows a lender. Côté then thinking of a man who could afford to lend that amount: Mr. Dubuc.

At first, it is reluctant, but allegedly Mr. Dubuc in the application, Mr. Côté insists, offering them inadequate mortgage guarantees and even a movable hypothec on video lottery terminals yet belong to the State .

Mr. Côté also has a personal interest in the transaction, according to Mr. Dubuc, but this ignores at the time, and he ends up paying half a million dollars.

“The trust that existed between the applicant [Mr. Dubuc] and the defendant Benoit Côté has meant that the applicant was now favorable for the advance of funds to Marcel Poissant, Nancy G. Poissant and Mr. Côté as non-proprietary and lawyer debtor who, in the eyes of the applicant, had a very high integrity, “it said in the petition.

An agreement was concluded on 19 November 2010, that the loan must be repaid no later than May 19, 2011 to Mr. Dubuc, with a monthly interest rate of 16%, or 25% if the delay is not respected.

The debate is coming to heat

But Le Drugstore bar closes and time passes without Mr. Dubuc way the color of his money. He learns that he has paid the sum was spent for other purposes and that the couple who wanted to purchase the property can not repay. Mr. Dubuc multiplies calls MeCôté which reassures. It also sends to Mr. Côté dozens of emails and tone is more scathing.

“Tomorrow it is final rule,” writes Mr. Dubuc to the lawyer 11 June 2013. “We would like, but you need rules alone. No money, no candy. I can do nothing. If necessary, send your procedure “replies the civil law, according to copies of emails that accompany the request.

When the new counsel for Mr. Dubuc, Mr. Pierre Parker, reproached me Side of disrespect to his client, the answer he’s sorry civil tone he used, he expects confirmations, he was angry because he had to “pogner with someone.”

In November 2013, Michel Dubuc filed pursuit 1.2 million against Mr. Côté, what he sees as the loaned amount plus interest at the start.

Mr. Dubuc also filed a complaint against me to the bar side and made a claim with the Compensation Fund of the Quebec Bar. However, the Bar, we were told on Friday that Mr. Côté has no work history and that claims to the Fund are confidential.

Last September, a “transaction and Conditional Release” is concluded between the parties. Côté and his couple of friends willing to remit a sum of $ 550,000 to Mr. Dubuc in equal installments which will extend until October 1, 2017.

The cause was again heard on June 22 last and was subsequently scheduled for October, but the case will not travel far.

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