Drama indigenous children: a mother seeks justice for her daughter

delima-flamand-demande-reouverture-enqueteThe mother of the younger Aboriginal to have committed suicide in Quebec called for the reopening of the police investigation into the death of his 11 year old daughter. Marie-Pier Moar took his own life after being a victim of repeated rape.

But at the time, the SQ – which was responsible for the survey – had arrested anyone. To date, the crimes go unpunished.

Since the publication of our investigation on the drama ignored indigenous children Quebec, to which are added the revelations of the show CBC inquiry into allegations of abuse of the SQ to Aboriginal women in Val-d’Or , the mother of the little 11 year old wonder if the police have devoted every effort to locate or perpetrators of her daughter.

“Did the police worked well in my daughter’s case? When looking at how the RCMP dealt with the missing aboriginal women record in the West and that the SQ would have subjected the indigenous women in Val-d’Or, we do not know who to trust, “said Delima Fleming, mother of Marie-Pier Moar.

The girl was to be in 6th grade in elementary school in Manawan Atikamekw reserve located 87 km north of Saint-Michel-des-Saints, in the Lanaudière region.


On August 22, 2005, first day of school, she was beaten by classmates in the school yard. His mother believes she had given them her secret. The same evening, the child hanged herself in the basement of the family home. At autopsy, we discovered that the girl had been the victim of repeated rape.

After the death of the child, the Surete du Quebec landed in reserve 2,200 people reinforcing the local police. Investigators interviewed forty witnesses. In vain.

This is the youngest Aboriginal to have committed suicide in Quebec over the past 15 years, according to La Presse survey published earlier this month. The rate of suspicious deaths among young Inuit and First Nations is almost four times that of the whole of Quebec youth, do we revealed. Since 2000, 259 Aboriginal children and youth died in violent or unclear circumstances in Quebec.

Délima Flamand has not lost hope of getting justice. “We must break the silence. I do not know if the aggressor or aggressors my daughter did other victims, but if anyone knows anything, it’s never too late to talk, “said the mother of 43.

Joined by La Presse, SQ says its investigators conducted a thorough investigation, but says she is ready to hear new evidence in this folder. “The evidence does not allow this day to identify beyond any doubt the person who assaulted Marie-Pier. However, all information received will continue to be analyzed, verified and validated by investigators, “said his spokeswoman, Martine Asselin.


Michèle Audette, past president of the Native Women’s Association and defeated Liberal candidate in the last federal campaign, also believes that the police investigation on the young Marie-Pier Moar must be restarted.

But Aboriginal leader goes further. The circumstances surrounding the suicide of the child should also serve as a concrete example in the context of a broad public inquiry which would cover the aboriginal living conditions in Quebec to “see where the flaws were.”

“There is systemic discrimination. We see several folders on indigenous falling into the cracks. ”
Michèle Audette Aboriginal leader
The case of Val-d’Or is a glaring example. That of Marie-Pier Moar also believes the leader, who says he cried when reading the history of sixth grader.

Although necessary, a national inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women such as that promised Justin Trudeau alone will not resolve the current crisis, insists Ms. Audette. Same thing about an independent investigation into allegations of abuse of power and sexual assaults against police officers from the SQ in Val-d’Or.

“If we did that focuses on that, there are cases such as Wilma and her daughter who will not be part of the investigation. And these cases are not isolated. There are others [other communities] who will eventually come out. ”


Michèle Audette offers rapid appointment of a sort of native ombudsman who could receive complaints and collect the testimonials of those who feel they have been wronged by the system and want to have their case reviewed, “whether on the police, or the DPJ, social services or health services. ”

As requested there are already a few weeks the head of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Ghislain Picard in the wake of our investigation into the violent deaths of Aboriginal children, Ms. Audette also believes that the government of Quebec must secure its own investigation to the federal government “on anything that will not be part of the mandate of the national survey.”

Otherwise, she warns, “we will not deal with violence. We will not deal with suicide. We will not speak of the 259 children who died. ”

“What is happening is much bigger, she adds. The crisis broke out from all sides. It was a third world here. It is indigenous. ”

SQ invites anyone with information about assaults by little Marie-Pier Moar to communicate confidentially with the Central Criminal Intelligence Surete du Quebec at 1-800-659-4264.

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