Drama Valcartier: Recommended care and compensation for former cadets

cette-photo-1974-expert-munitions(Quebec) The Ombudsman for National Defence, Gary Walbourne concludes that ex-cadets victims of the 1974 drama Valcartier were treated unfairly in relation to the military affected by the events. It recommends that the Defence finance their care plan and an immediate financial compensation.

On 30 July 1974 a grenade that was not to be active was cocked in a dormitory where there were dozens of teenagers. Six of them died, many more were injured.

These survivors, who always say live with severe physical and psychological consequences, have not received “aid equivalent to that that have received military affected by the incident” and that, “because of a legal vacuum the time, “according to Mr. Walbourne which released its report this morning waited 41 years after the tragedy.

“It is contrary to principles of fairness and offer assistance, allowances and benefits to a group of people while ignoring another,” says the Ombudsman believes that the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence should have to do more to help the boys with their care.

It recommends that the Department provides immediate feedback to all persons claiming to have been negative or permanent effects as a result of the incident “to determine the physical and psychological health care required and, based on these evaluations, finance reasonable care plan. ”

In addition, Gary Walbourne estimates in its 23-page document that the government needs as assessed long-term needs of the victims give their “immediate and reasonable financial compensation that is consistent with the case law in similar situations.”

The defense minister hinted on July 17, on the sidelines of an event at the headquarters of the Naval Reserve on Dalhousie Street in Quebec he would grant his wishes. “If we have to give more help and care to these people, we’ll do it,” asserted Jason Kenney, even adding that it would accept all the recommendations of the document prepared by the Ombudsman that it had already consulted.

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