Drinking and driving: the deputy premier of Saskatchewan resigns

vice-premier-ministre-saskatchewan-donThe Deputy Premier of Saskatchewan Don McMorris announced his resignation on Saturday after being charged with driving while impaired.

Mr. McMorris said he had spoken with the premier of the province, Brad Wall, and that he had accepted his resignation.

The politician also leave the caucus Saskatchewan Party (Saskatchewan Party). He wants to resolve its conflict with the law and get support.

Don McMorris apologized to his family, his colleagues and the citizens of the province, adding that there were no words to describe how sorry he was.

“One mistake is still too many, and it is I who have committed.”

Mr. McMorris was arrested Friday by an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) while driving in White City, a town east of Regina. He had previously slowed when entering a construction zone, he said.

Questioned by journalists on the blood alcohol level that was detected in his blood, Mr. McMorris avoided answering Saturday.

Brad Wall has expressed, in a statement, his disappointment at the conduct of the Deputy Prime Minister resigned. “I respect the fact that Don McMorris assumes full responsibility for his actions, and I support his decision to withdraw from the caucus and ask for help,” he added.

Monday appointed successor

The Prime Minister has indicated Monday he would appoint a deputy prime minister to replace Acting Don McMorris.

The latter was the minister responsible for the Crown corporation Crown Investments Corporation and the auto insurance company in the province. He also oversaw the provincial authorities regarding alcohol and gambling.

Drinking and driving has become a major issue in the elections last spring in Saskatchewan. Brad Wall was then brought to the defense of three candidates from his party who were convicted of impaired driving.

The Premier of Saskatchewan had then argued that these cases dated back several years. The most recent occurred 15 years ago.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) had also acknowledged that two of its candidates had committed similar odd.

A spokesman for the RCMP said Saturday that no information would be released immediately on the charges faced by the vice president resigned.

Don McMorris said he had previously repeatedly stressed that getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol is dangerous and unacceptable. It is in this context that the Government of Saskatchewan inforced laws and toughened penalties for drunk driving, has he said.

He acknowledged that he “should not have to drive after drinking.”

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