Drowning and two missing persons

chutes-dorwin-rawdonA man drowned and another is still sought after to have sunk in the waters of Dorwin Falls in Rawdon, Lanaudière Sunday. Furthermore, in another separate accident, a young man in his twenties went missing after trying to cross the Red River Greenville-sur-la-Rouge, in the Outaouais.

For an unknown reason, two men in their fifties have found themselves in the waters of Dorwin Falls and had difficulties. A first man could be eradicated, but his death was confirmed at the hospital said Christine Coulombe of the Sûreté du Québec.

Research should resume on Monday to recover the second fifties. Divers and helicopters are expected in the morning.

As for the young man disappeared Sunday Outaouais, he tried, according to the SQ, crossing the Red River to swim with a friend when it sank. Research will also continue on Monday.

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