Drowning Real Frechette creates a shock wave to Red Nose

1156411The tragic death of Real Frechette Sunday in the waters of Lake Magog, was received like a shock wave among people in the organization of Operation Red Nose in Sherbrooke.

Mr. Frechette there was a volunteer for 21 years, says Stephanie Hoarau, coordinator of the organization back to the safe house for people who have taken alcohol during the holidays.

“Real was distributor for Operation Red Nose. This is a very important role in the organization. It was he who relayed the transport requests to field teams, “she says with emotion. “It was excellent. He had a good knowledge of the territory. ”

“In January, we honored the volunteers who have been with us for over 20 years, Real Frechette were people honored on this occasion.”

Recall that Mr. Frechette, 52, and his brother Denis, 59, two Sherbrooke, died after being sunk into Lake Magog, Sunday. Their death was confirmed despite the efforts of paramedics who performed cardiac resuscitation since leaving the water.

A pillar

The absence of this pillar of Red Nose will be heavily marked in the coming seasons, it is added. “He had to be back in the next year and for many years!” Says Hoarau.

“It was part of the volunteer core of about 25 people involved in the organization of the operation.”

Stéphanie Hoarau added that his team offers its sincere condolences to the family of Réal Fréchette. Relatives also contributed indirectly to the voluntary work of the former distributor of Red Nose in Sherbrooke, she noted.

“Réal was very present with us during the holidays. His family had understood what accounted for Red Nose Real our friend. ”

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