Duceppe determined to remove the Conservatives from power

sort-stephen-harper-equation-gillesAlthough the Conservative Party got the most seats on October 19, the Bloc Quebecois leader Stephen Harper judge may remain prime minister. Aspiring to hold the balance of power, Gilles Duceppe is ready to support a Liberal minority government, NDP or coalition to avoid such a scenario.

“Mr. Harper will not be Prime Minister, even if he comes first, ruled Gilles Duceppe, during a long interview with La Presse yesterday. This is not because a party finishes first in a minority government it becomes the government. ”

After four years of a Harper majority government, the leader of the Bloc said to have many reasons for wanting to exclude the Conservatives from power. “Their” all about oil “, their economic policies, their attitude in criminal matters, foreign affairs, science, the elimination of the census: for us, the case is closed with the Conservatives. I can not support a government that has made commitments before the 2011 elections and who, in four years, has never met them. I have no confidence. ”

If Stephen Harper out of the equation, however Gilles Duceppe refused to say with which party he would prefer to work together to contribute to the formation of a minority government. He said wait to see the results of the October 19 to decide. Ready to work with the NDP as the PLC, the Bloc leader has developed a list of six conditions it wishes to be taken by the party likely to form the next government.

Different situation than in 2008

Gilles Duceppe does not believe that the Bloc’s support will defeat a future minority government, as was the case in 2008 for the coalition between the PLC and the NDP. “The situation is different in the Liberal Party than it was at the time. It’s wrong because the party there was a very clear problem of leadership, “said the Bloc leader.

Certainly, no question of a coalition, as Scottish independence party, the Scottish National Party (SNP), was ready to make the UK in recent British elections. “It would be against nature in our case, and I do not think the federalist parties would be attracted to such a thing. This is the federalist parties to govern the federal government. It is not our goal, “said Gilles Duceppe.

To avoid returning to elections quickly, the Bloc also proposes that the elected officials can decide before each vote if there is a vote of confidence. The opposition might well defeat the government without forcing new elections. This would ensure “greater democracy while maintaining stability,” says the Bloc leader.

Six conditions

Restoring health transfers so they represent “at least” 25% of the costs of Quebec
Making non-taxable child benefit
Implement a plan for green infrastructure
Waive tap into the EI fund to balance the budget
Submit a draft law on the right to vote and the supply of public services unmasked
Reject East Energy projects and Belledune
A “lack of respect”
Voters who express their opposition by voting niqab face covered with a mask or a bag “do not respect” democracy, according to Gilles Duceppe, who denies any responsibility in this phenomenon. “When you are against something, we do not do the same. We must respect our institutions, “argues the Bloc leader. “The vote is important. It’s a minority of men and women on earth who have that right. So we do not ridicule it. ”

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