Eagles 3 / Capitals 6: Blaquiere goes boom!

kalian-sams-ete-retire-tentative(Quebec) The Capitals defeated the Trois-Rivières Aigles for a third consecutive day on Monday. Not the most memorable victories in the account 6-3, but the result of the perseverance of some and the indifference of others.

If the campaign had lasted two days instead of 78, the 2,200 spectators riding the Stade Municipal Jean-Luc have elected Blaquière. Receiver capitals scored a big three-run homer in the sixth inning and a crucial eighth amortized, in addition to pin two runners attempted robbery.

“The bomb Blaq was the turning point of the match,” insisted the manager of winners, Patrick Scalabrini, once the cloakroom. While this momentum until the thunder that made traveling the ball behind the left field fence, the Eagles dominated 2-0 and their starting pitcher, Charles Gillies, proved very stingy.

For Blaquière, it was his first long ball since July 6, his fourth of the season, third against Trois-Rivières. “In my two previous appearances, I noticed that Gillies began with two brittle on the outside before returning with a quick inside. Then at 2-0, I was waiting. If he had launched me something else, I would have had ‘look crazy … “revealed the number 30.

Then at 3-3 in the eighth, two men on trails and no outs, Blaquière applied the basics of baseball by filing a bunt to advance his teammates in scoring position. Except that the defensive trifluvienne was caught and no one covered the first goal! Everyone is safe.

Joshua Peley then followed with a sacrifice fly and a double solid Yordan Manduley allowed to cross two other local marble, which Blaquière.

“Physical mistakes is acceptable. But there are mental errors that can not be done professionally. That’s the basics of baseball and we must do for nine innings, “said the manager cursed losers, Pete Laforest, furious.

He assured not to speak only of the coverage on amortized Blaquière, where one can suspect the second baseman Jose Cuevas to have botched a routine play. This same Cuevas Blaquière that had harpooned in robbery attempt at third base with two outs in the previous half-inning.

First time this season that the four Cubans capitals gathered in alignment in Quebec. August 3! They had done twice on the road.

The starting Ismel Jimenez pulled out of the game with two earned runs on seven hits in five full innings. A shoulder pain, however, ended his performance and his condition will follow.

The last game of this series of four being held at the home of the Eagles on Tuesday night, alongside the Trois-Rivières Grand Prix. The Fernand-Bédard Stadium overlooking the track. Two left-handed starting pitchers: MacKenzie Acker (0-1, 2.86) for the Capitals, and Ryan Bollinger (6-5, 4.95), among Eagles. Quebec then reintroduce the Quebec Cédric Vallières infield among its active players.

Sams and honored Gélinas
In July, the Capitals relied on both the best pitcher and the best hitter in the Can-Am. Karl Gélinas was appointed gunner’s premier league last month through a single point of lean granted in 36 innings. An average microscopic 0.25 earned run for his five starts this month, four gains and setbacks. Period during which it withdrew 28 strikeouts and gave only three walks. Gélinas is riding right now on a sequence of 35 scoreless innings point. Offensive title went to Kalyan Sams and his 28 RBIs with seven homers and 29 hits in 76 appearances, an average of 382, ​​plus 16 stolen bases and just 10 strikeouts three intakes. Sams is becoming better hitter for the last week of activities for the Can-Am as the previous week. In the end, Gélinas was elected player of the month in capitals, same as in June.

First loss of Stanton manager
After three consecutive victories, the Garden State Grays manager TJ Stanton have caved against the Miners 2-1 Monday night in Sussex. First defeat under the aegis of former pitching coach capitals ext find that Stanton September 9 for the playoffs. But meanwhile, Stanton led the touring team Can-Am three victories, Saturday and Sunday, unheard of for Grays (8-23) this season. Led by Eric Pierzchala, fired by the management of the league last Thursday homeless training had stuck two gains only once on 20 and 21 July in Ottawa. So they won their second series, having dominated 30-13 in total score of four meetings in Sussex. Stanton hired Vincent Guglietti, recently released by the Capitals. First baseman hit a hit Monday.

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