East Energy: Duceppe criticized the position Mulcair

gilles-duceppe-reproche-thomas-mulcair“I am ready to discuss with Thomas Mulcair in Quebec, with Tom Mulcair, Canada.” Gilles Duceppe good laugh hundred young people gathered at Montmorency College on Thursday, throwing twice a joke on the name of his opponent New Democrat. Although sovereignty was at the heart of his speech, the Bloc leader has again tapped the same nail: Thomas Mulcair’s position on the East energy pipeline.

While in Laval to present four candidates Bloc, Gilles Duceppe has hardly talked about Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper. All his attacks were to target the New Democratic Party (NDP) of Thomas Mulcair, whom he accused of muzzling his MPs in Quebec. “His world in Quebec will be silent not to lose votes elsewhere. That’s not it, doing differently politics, this is not it, to be honest with people. I must say honestly whether we are for or you are against. Us, we are against, “he said, lashing before the youth summer school of the Institut du Nouveau Monde.

Thomas Mulcair saying for days that he wants to set up a new environmental assessment process before deciding on the merits of the pipeline project that would cross Canada from west to east, through Quebec . But the Bloc leader accuses his opponent to hold a double standard in this folder will not “lose votes in the West.”

The Bloc leader wants the election of a minority government, no matter which, after the vote, to have a power to influence it. “The NDP said, elect us, we will beat the Conservatives. They were elected and they [the Conservatives] are the majority for the first time. I want to put the minority, their entire minority gang! We will speak out, saying this is what we want. If you want to be in power, you both sit down and talk as equals, “he said.

Sovereignty was also at the heart of his speech Thursday afternoon. Borrowing a voice teacher, he devoted much of his speech to extol the benefits of this “positive project.” Asked about the arguments he will use to convince young people to turn away from the NDP, the Bloc leader has launched several attacks against Thomas Mulcair. “Young people, I think, not so much in favor of the austerity policy of the Liberals in Quebec. Yet Thomas Mulcair voted for it. Young people are in favor of French as a common language: Thomas Mulcair was the lawyer of Alliance Quebec who butchered Bill 101 to the Supreme Court. Young people are to the environment, it is for East Energy. I look back on that, it’s a bit contradictory with young people. ”

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