EBR target of the first trial “UPAC” in Quebec

mohamed-el-khayat(Quebec) For the first time in Quebec City, today opens a trial with a shot from the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC). The cause will foreground a firm that was an economic jewel of the region.

Mohamed El Khayat, 57, co-founder of the firm EBR Computer closed since the events, and Abdelaziz Younsi, 51, IT boss at the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), are accused of abuse of trust, conspiracy and fraud which lasted more than three years and cost $ 400,000 to the Quebec government.

The lawsuit alleges that the two men, knowledge has already traveled together, maneuvered for EBR Computer obtains a public contract renewal computers worth $ 3.3 million. Again according to the allegations of the prosecution, a parallel accounting had been put in place and a $ 400,000 credit was opened at RBA in favor of the Department of Public Safety. According to the findings of the investigation, the credit was never used by the MSP.

Motion to exclude evidence

Before addressing the merits of the case, the defense will try this week to exclude the evidence obtained during the search in EBR Informatics, June 4, 2014.

According to the allegations in the petition filed November 18 before the trial judge, Alain Morand, entering the Jean-Perrin Boulevard offices was “abusive”. The evidence was obtained “under conditions violating the rights and freedoms”, alleges are we. The admission and use at trial likely would “bring the administration of justice,” said the defense.

Mohamed El Khayat says in its application that the search warrant was issued including “on the basis of information provided by an anonymous informant whose credibility or the source could not be verified or validated.”

The survey initial information came from an anonymous call made to the denunciation line 1888 of the UPAC.

The affidavit submitted to the judge who authorized the search warrant was based on hearsay, deplores the defense, rather than on information from the source itself.

The officer who made the affidavit “presents the facts so that the judge may believe qu’EBR authorizer has the contract with the Ministry of Public Security official corruption by without convincing evidence to support another that a misinterpretation of the facts “, argues the defense.

The police failed to present several facts to the judge authorizer, defends. The MSP was indeed put in place measures to circumvent capital rules, but it was good before concluding the contract with RBA, told El Khayat.

The famous credit accumulated from EBR was used by the MSP, defense and swear “UPAC itself [which is under the Public Safety] acquired property paid from the accumulated credit” to develop facilities videoconferencing, defends.

– Two accused Abdelaziz Younsi official at MSP and Mohamed El Khayat, former leader of EBR Computer

– Charges of fraud, conspiracy and breach of trust

– Expected duration of the trial: 8 weeks

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