Economic leaders: a “pat on the back that feels good”

entrepreneurs-selectionnes-soleil-comme(Quebec) In 2005 he was part of the economic leaders of tomorrow. Today it is a business veteran who salutes the courage of the new entrepreneurs.

Sebastien Vachon, CEO of Korem, has mellowed since the creation of his company December 3, 1993, in the basement of his parents home in Sainte-Foy. He was a student at Laval University in geography.

“We were sloppy, pretentious. We lived dreams, worse was believed that success would be tomorrow morning, “describes the Sun businessman of 47 years, speaking of his first steps as an entrepreneur.

History does not always go as he wanted. As with any company, times were more difficult. However, he never gave up. “Over the years, having more experience may have made it more thought. Which is a good thing. It is more on guard, “he said.

To allow his company to move forward, Mr. Vachon has always had the passion. “You have to go for it. Follow his instincts. Do not be afraid to open doors. If you want to smash a mature and you press the brake at the last minute, for sure you’re going to plant you, “he says.

Today, his company installed in the Saint-Roch district has about 65 employees and brews business in Canada and the United States. Moreover, 70% of the company’s turnover comes from our southern neighbors.

Korem is a company that specializes in location-based technologies, software solutions for data processing that help company management to make strategic decisions from the mapping.

In 2005

In 2005, Mr. Vachon was presented by The Sun, as 19 other entrepreneurs in the region, as a leader of tomorrow. This moment in his career, he has not forgotten.

“As CEO, we do not often pats on the back. It had done good “if he remembers with a smile. “This had helped” to advance our business. “This brings a great level of pride for our employees, and it also reassures our customers,” he adds.

Thursday night at the Museum of Civilization, these are 20 new entrepreneurs – see “Our leaders of tomorrow,” a booklet produced by The Sun – which were presented as young people to watch in their field. One hundred people were on hand for the occasion.

“Today is a generation that is experienced,” says Mr. Vachon. “These are young entrepreneurs, but people get their businesses early. They had access to what it is, entrepreneurship. This is a very good thing, “he concludes.

Among the companies selected by The Sun, found Surmesur, Jobillico, Nova Film, Ketto Design, Squeeze Studio Animation, Biodélices, Nursing clinic in Lévis, Cortex Media, SAGA, Libéo, XpertSea Solutions, Orthotics Bionick, Mirego, Christian Marcoux kitchen and furniture Design, Technologies and Kronos-taught, Laserax, Group Sub Rosa, BHLB and Nota Bene, AddÉnergie Technologies and Therapeutics Feldan Robotiq.

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