Ecstasy trafficking: the former chemistry teacher already charged in Quebec Court House

photographe-soleil-reussi-croquer-accuse(Quebec) Daniel Cozak, chemist, 66, arrested on Wednesday in New Brunswick, in his laboratory at manufacturing ecstasy, arrived at the Québec courthouse Thursday. It already meets conspiracy charges in order to make drug production and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

He was accompanied by his eldest son, Charles Cozak, 26, who is accused of the same charges. His brother, Samuel, 24, appeared Wednesday at the courthouse under identical charges. Their mother was released after questioning.

“Both son of a chemist, Charles, 26, and Samuel, 24, face similar charges. Their mother was released after interrogation. ”

Daniel Cozak, former chemistry professor and consultant in private firms, had built two laboratories used to manufacture the active elements of ecstasy, one in Saint-Camille-de-Lellis in the MRC and the other Etchemins Lac Baker in New Brunswick.

The survey began in 2014.

1.5 million tablets per week

Manufacturing capacity is estimated at 1.5 million tablets per week. The strike has prevented the drug is not found in the street.

The Joint Regional Squad, assisted by the RCMP, the Canada Border Services Agency, Health Canada and municipal police forces, proceeded to the dismantling of two clandestine laboratories.

Cozak The family is based in Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier.

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