The effect of the jackpot is still felt in Maxi

1172361(SHERBROOKE) jackpot won by two Sherbrookoises this winter is still its effect to the supermarket where the winning ticket was purchased. Especially since the sums involved when prints are quite high this week.

“People still talk about it!” Says Hugo Rodrigue, store manager Maxi & Cie Portland Boulevard, Sherbrooke, where the winning ticket for a prize of $ 24million had been sold.

“We see that it is selling more tickets for a few days … We may have the chance to sell another good ticket for the jackpot!”

Recall that in January, Suzanne Laurette Poisson and his great friend Hélène Gosselin had won $ 24 million in the draw of 6/49. Mrs. Fish had purchased his ticket Maxi & Cie asking the clerk to give him a “winning ticket.” And it was really she had the winning ticket in hand for the draw of 2 January. The retailer could then receive $ 238,465, or the equivalent of one percent of the gain.

It was probably the largest amount won with a ticket of Loto-Québec purchased at that store.

In the weeks following the announcement of the jackpot won by two Sherbrookoises, sales climbed Maxi added Mr. Rodrigue. “We sold more lottery tickets in the weeks after. But, over time, the effect has diminished, “he notes. “But here it resumes with the prints that come in,” he noted in the middle of the week.

The corporation announced last week a lot of $ 50 million in the Lotto Max draw and $ 13 million for 6/49.

Hugo Rodrigue said he reviewed the two winning multimillionaire in his shop. They even met with the employee who sold them the famous ticket. He could not say if they had against him a gift.

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