Eighteen months in prison for a pimp 24 years

jack-george-24-ans-proxenete(Quebec) A young pimp “parasite” who took advantage of two prostitutes assessed a sentence of 18 months in prison.

Jack George, 24, a convicted fraudster and known to frequent the world of prostitution, drew the attention of the police to Quebec last winter. It must be said that the young man did not go unnoticed, in hotel parking lots, with his flashy gold Cadillac.

After investigation, the police realized that George had taken the reins of the careers of two young prostitutes encountered in the Montreal area.

Jack George offered to accompany girls to place ads and make the appointment. One of two prostitutes affected approximately 50% of revenues while the other would have received a much smaller proportion of the salary.

After serving customers in Trois-Rivières and Quebec, the two women wished to reduce the pace, but Jack George encouraged them to continue.

Until one of the prostitutes lose patience. “It seems to dictate one way to do that she does not like, summarized the Crown prosecutor, Mr. Daniel Bélanger. She called hotel security, wants to settle his bill and asks Jack George is expelled. ”

The young man was arrested in April and charged under the new provisions governing prostitution in Canada. He pleaded guilty Monday in Quebec to have fired a material benefit from prostitution, for bringing a person to render sexual services for a fee and have advertised sexual services.

“There was a definite element of exploitation and not protection, argued Mr. Bélanger, noting that Jack George, however, had not been violent or threat.

The Mr. Charles-Olivier Gosselin defense lawyer estimates that his client had a parasitic relationship with sex workers, but did not exercise physical coercion.

Judge Michel Babin agreed to the suggestion penalty party, 18 months in prison, which must be deducted five months of pretrial detention already served by George.

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