Election in District 3, Julie Bourdon ready for battle

julie-bourdon-officiellement-lance-sa(Granby) Julie Bourdon became the first official candidate for the office of councilor of the three district in Granby, vacated by Pierre Breton. “From 11 am 30 this morning [Friday], I am an official candidate.” She filed the required documents to City transplants.

Guided by family values ​​and civic engagement, she wanted to go into politics to continue to advance certain issues in the neighborhood. “I love my city. I saw my city, “she launched at a press briefing to announce his official candidacy, present his team also is large, and point out some commitments.

Why such a big team? “It’s to win, replied Mrs. Bourdon. I want to have the seat, so both make a real campaign, whether it be for a post of adviser in a by-election. I will do everything for it. It is important to be supported too. ”

More Family Services

Among its commitments, it aims to improve services for families and road safety while developing “a pleasant and healthy living environment.” “There are still improvements to be had, she said. This is not to say that things are going badly in Granby is simply to say that I want to continue to improve the quality of life. ”

She suggests including increasing leisure offerings. She gives the example of the potential review “of leisure hours, to see if we can improve ways of doing for registrations. Are we capable of making more leisure activities? Because you know, it’s not long as the classes are full. Is there a way to provide more leisure outdoors for children, instead of always doing things inside? In family holidays, can you arrange schedules so that parents with young children to go in the morning and it does not happen just in the afternoon, at nap time? ”

Road safety is also “a big issue in the three district said Ms. Bourdon. I do tell a lot by citizens. The objective is to improve everything. ”

Management experience

As the current board consists only of men, it does not say is intimidated to give its opinion if elected. It believes it can meet the needs of its citizens through its ten years of management experience, particularly with organization in the region, such as the Collective Kitchens she currently directs.

The advance poll will be held on December 13, while the election day will be 20 December.

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