Elections: Phone calls are confusing

cegep-chicoutimiConfusion seems to reign about holding information stands by candidates for the election of Chicoutimi on Tuesday at the Cegep de Chicoutimi. The event was indeed held, but candidates claim they were informed that the event was canceled.

Candidates were invited by the General Association of Students of the Cégep de Chicoutimi to take part in the event held at the Community Center from 11 am to 14 pm 30. All political parties have responded positively, the candidate before in the room, or send representatives, said the president of the association, Valentin Montmaurs, in an interview with the Daily, late evening Monday.

Joined earlier in the day by The Daily, teams from the Liberal candidate Francyne T. Gobeil and Jean PQ Mireille, however, said to have been contacted to cancel the event.

“It was planned in the schedule Ms. Jean participate in the debate and be present at the stand of the candidates, but called us to tell us that it was canceled,” said Monday afternoon Yanick Grégoire, Press the Parti Quebecois.

The future Coalition Québec (CAQ), however, had not received the same information. “The volunteer who made today [Monday] install the table was not told that the event was canceled. we we did not informed, “said Thomas Verville his part, Press Secretary of the CAQ.

Phone calls?

President Valentin Montmaurs know who may have contacted the candidates or if they were victims of a phone call. “The event really take place, and we hope the candidates will present on Tuesday to meet with students, they represent a part of their electorate,” he added.

In the case of T. Francyne Gobeil, says Montmaurs however, his team had indicated that the candidate can not be present on site, but as representatives of the Liberal Party were to go there.

The MAGE-UQAC, which organized last week a similar event would also experienced a similar situation, added the president. Some candidates have also received fake cancellation notice.


A debate between the candidates is also organized on Thursday at Cégep de Chicoutimi by the student association. The President indicated that no confirmation of participation of candidates has been received so far

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