Elections: the Liberals retain their acquired

seule-veritable-lutte-saint-henri(Quebec) Despite budget cuts and the recent collision with the public sector employees, the Liberals Philippe Couillard managed to preserve their gains, winning three of the four districts involved in supplementary Monday.

The PQ is also arrived without problems to maintain its stronghold of René Lévesque. As for the future Quebec Coalition, she was down in all four districts in the percentage of votes cast.

Only real fight on Monday night in Saint-Anne-HenriSainte, liberal Featured Dominique Anglade won the riding with 39% of the votes, a majority of 1206 votes. Support for the PLQ has melted from the 52% of votes collected by that which preceded it, the former Minister Marguerite Blais. Arriving at the arms of his candidate, Philippe Couillard was still satisfied with the results. In René-Lévesque, Karine Otis nearly doubled the percentage of support in this traditionally PLQ PQ constituency, he noted. “Three victories and a good fight, a good evening for the recovery of the party and the revival of Quebec,” said Mr. Couillard.

Ms. Anglade beat the candidate of the Parti Québécois, Gabrielle Lemieux and Québec solidaire, Marie-Ève ​​Rancourt. Both have improved by more than 10% score their party in relation to elections in 2014. The PQ gets 30% of the vote and Québec solidaire, 21%. The division of votes between the two sovereignist parties allow Ms. Anglade made its entry in the National Assembly. The future Quebec Coalition and Louis Philippe Boulanger candidate could not do better than 5% of votes, two times less than in April 2014.

Ms. Anglade, former President and candidate of the future Quebec Coalition, can claim a position in the Cabinet, but it is not certain that the Prime Minister Couillard will want to quickly mount this neophyte to the Council, leaving at the same time plan MPs after the long time.

A weak participation rate, around 25% for districts in the Montreal region, reflecting voter apathy, already stressed by a federal campaign of unprecedented length. In René-Lévesque and Beauce-Sud, voters voted to nearly 40%. The Prime Minister Couillard had triggered the by-elections while the federal campaign was not over. Having already hopeful of winning three of the four constituencies involved, he wanted to present his new deputies to the general council of his party, at the end of next week in Quebec.


Only PQ victory in René Lévesque, the candidate Martin Ouellet has maintained this bastion the Parti Québécois has always represented that constituency, except for a brief interlude in 2006 ADQ.

Before the voters of Baie-Comeau, Pierre Karl Peladeau said the trigger further during the federal campaign fueling voter cynicism. “The Parti Québécois is a party committed to the defense of citizens, launched Mr. Péladeau. We will continue to do our work in the National Assembly denounce the austerity Liberal Premier requires Quebecers, “he said, promising that his party” [would] always defender regions “.

The heavily unionized district of the North Shore 49% voted for the PQ, a majority of 1334 votes. Liberal Karine Otis follows with 38%. They are followed by far by Dave Savard of the CAQ with a meager 6% of the votes.

In the general election last year, the incumbent Marjolain Dufour, from the labor movement, had obtained 55% of votes, a majority of 6600 votes over the Liberal Michel Lévesque had convinced 22% of voters. The CAQ had collected 16% of votes.


Unsurprisingly in Beauce-Sud, the Liberal candidate Paul Busque, a businessman, has kept the riding of Robert Dutil in the Liberal fold with 56% of the votes, ahead of a vote on the 5419 caquiste candidate Tom Redmond, counselor News, which obtained the highest score for his party by attracting 30% of voters.

A big disappointment for François Legault, the leader of the CAQ, who chose this riding for his intervention. Beauce-Sud remained the best hope for his party among the four districts in the balance. “People simply do not vote. I can not believe that teachers, healthy people are satisfied with the Liberal Party.

“It is especially a big issue of participation we saw tonight. In HenriSainte St. Anne, the turnout was around 22%, are we talking about democracy? It’s starting to look like the school boards, “said Mr. Legault. The CAQ has struggled to convince people to vote and could hardly campaigning before the federal election. “It is cynicism that won here tonight,” he said.

In the elections of 2014, the former Minister Dutil had obtained 50% of votes, ahead of the CAQ and Samuel Poulin, who had obtained a solid 38%. The PQ was again distant third with 7% of the vote.


Finally, the Liberals have managed without difficulty to maintain their gains in the riding of Fabre, made vacant by the resignation of former barrister Gilles Ouimet. Former President of the Network of Carrefours jeunesse-emploi du Québec, Monique Sauvé won with 44% of the vote, styling the PQ François The Jibril Akaaboune who finished second with 29% of votes. The CAQ, with Carla El-Ghandour, garnered 15% of votes.

This is another setback for the PLQ. In 2014, the barrister Ouimet had harvested 55% of the vote in the former riding of Michelle Courchesne. He had obtained a majority of 12,800 votes out of the PQ candidate, who had collected 21% of votes. The caquiste was not far behind with 18% of votes.

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