Electoral redistricting: hot struggles to provide

pourrait-devoir-mesurerBarely unveiled the redrawing of electoral districts Sherbrooke suggests good battles for the next elections. Some elected if they want to stay around the council table, will rub a colleague or resign themselves to change district.

At first glance, this independent benefit elected, while Julien Lachance, Jean-François Rouleau, Hélène Dauphinais and Pierre Tardif retain almost all of their current electorate. Instead, counselors Nicole A. Gagnon and Christine Ouellet see their redivided district three. In Rock Forest and Deauville, two members of the Renewal Sherbrooke, Bruno Vachon and Diane Delisle could covet the same seat.

Bernard Sevigny does not believe that having consulted the elected before redistricting would have changed anything. “It would become a political process and that’s what we did not want. It is sure that the redistribution will be part of our thinking, but I will not open tonight strategy [Monday]. Clearly, there will be 14 candidates Renewal, but it is a bit early. There will be a discussion in the party to see how to put things. It will entertain analysts and journalists in the coming months. There will be all sorts of assumptions. ”

Nicole A. Gagnon confirmed its intention to be in the race in 2017. On the one hand, it would dislodge the veteran Jean-François Rouleau. On the other, his colleague Renewal Robert Pouliot. “I did not expect such a large separation. Honestly, I was shocked. We will begin to see who stays with the Renewal to see where I’m going to position myself. Against Mr. Rouleau, should work hard, but I worked hard in the last election also. There were eight to covet the same job. I will work as hard. ”

“A little strategic”

Christine Ouellet is now found in the courtyard of Chantal L’Espérance. Much of his current district but joins that of Marc Denault and another part is attached to the sector represented by Pierre Tardif. “Of course we start to think, but I have not decided. It is certain that this will be a bit strategic. In Beckett, I know the people I walk there every morning. My neighborhood life is there. South, which is more commercial, it is an area that I do not know. Near Carrefour, there is the St. Joseph plateau presents a great challenge. While the bulk of the development will be there in the coming years. In addition, it includes the sector of René-Lévesque Boulevard, which will be a hot sector. Wherever I appear, I would attempt to dislodge someone who is there for a long time. We must also see the affinity I have with my colleagues here. The other parameters are the other candidates. ”

Marc Denault agrees that it is too early to announce anything. “It is still early to announce where I will be candidate. The decision is not taken. It’s a tear. I represented these people for almost 16 years and part will go towards the east and the other west. There is a commercial component in one of the districts, while the other includes gems like wood Beckett, the golf course and the river. I will take a few weeks, even months to think. I do not think it’s time to talk about candidates. ”

Finally, Bruno Vachon agrees that it is too early to make a decision, who now lives in the Deauville area. He forsake the heart of the former Rock Forest? “A year and a half in politics is an eternity. We’ll let the cards be placed. I have interests far to one side or the other. The decision that I will be for me and the people I want to represent. Know the environment. The goal is to advance the city as a whole. ”

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