Elizabeth Albert and Audrey Lemieux on the podium

-fait-partie-equipeTwo cyclists in the region have excelled on Sunday at the Grand Prix Cycliste de la Mairie de Contrecoeur. The Saguenéenne Elizabeth Albert finished on the second place, followed by Audrey Lemieux from Alma.

Albert Opus bike team, was in the middle of a fight to the finish with the winner of the day, the American Irena Ossola, a teammate Lemieux within the SAS team Macogep Acquisio. The first two finished with the same time, while the third crossed the finish line nine seconds later.

In Contrecoeur, Audrey Lemieux and teammate could count on a power play, as the team was present. The strategy was thus based on the advantage of numbers.

“It was important for us to prove that we were able to work in teams, because it does not often happen to be as much at the same competition, said the from Alma. The plan was clear! The goal was to leave quickly and conveniently on a breakaway to attack in pairs. ”

After several attacks, the two riders of the SAS Macogep Acquisio managed to detach the pack, but Albert and Elizabeth Laurie Jussaume could cling. “We wanted to finish on the podium, so he had to find a way to get rid of the other two girls,” said Audrey Lemieux.

Jussaume was finally dropped about five kilometers from the finish, but Albert has shown tenacity to hold on.

“It was an encouraging day, especially that there was also movement in the rest of the pack, a summary Lemieux. Our teammate Adrianne Provost was able to create a breakaway between us and the rest of the pack. The girls really well and it’s very positive as early season ”

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