Embezzlement: Charest can not deny its responsibility, said Peladeau

pierre-karl-peladeauFormer Prime Minister Jean Charest is responsible for any wrongdoing that may have been committed in the financing of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) on Wednesday said the PQ leader Pierre Karl Peladeau.

Mr. Péladeau has remained more reserved in his comments that the member for Québec solidaire Amir Khadir, to which Mr. Charest is the “prime suspect” in the allegations that target activities of the PLQ.

In a press briefing, Mr. Peladeau said that as chief of the Liberal government until 2012, Mr. Charest can not deny its responsibility, whether or not he was informed of embezzlement.

“I think he should know and does not know, he broke his responsibility to know it,” he said.

Françoise David QS MP has drawn the same conclusion as Mr. Khadir and Mr. Péladeau, referring to the responsibilities of the former Liberal leader.

Ms. David initially downplayed of Mr. Khadir, pronounced Tuesday, but she later recognized in turn as Mr. Charest is suspected in this case.

“There were crimes, crimes as fraud under the Liberal Party of Quebec and Mr. Charest, who was the leader, must take responsibility, has she said. It is the number one suspect in the sense that can not all the time to focus on the responsibilities subordinates. ”

Last week, Prime Minister Philippe Couillard had distanced itself from the days when Mr. Charest was leader of the Quebec Liberal Party.

Mr. Couillard was limited to accepting responsibility for the “best” of funding that followed his arrival in 2013.

Wednesday, Mr. Peladeau said the hearings of the Charbonneau Commission have to learn more about the PLQ financing activities, which have targeted businesses whose employees made contributions.

“When there is someone named Marc Bibeau who is responsible for financing of the political party, it seems possible that Mr. Charest himself who has made his position well, by definition and consequently, actually, he could not ignore it, “he has said.

The head caquiste François Legault said it is difficult to pass judgment on the responsibility of Mr. Charest, who has not been heard at the Charbonneau Commission.

“We still wonders why it was not heard, has he said. We heard about his ‘bag man’, Marc Bibeau. So there is an aura of suspicion but, for now, no such evidence then. ”

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