Emergency landing: Chantale-Edith feared the worst

renald-bord-avionChantale-Renald Edith lived the most agonizing minutes of his life on Wednesday night. The Chicoutimienne was aboard the plane that went in Îles-de-la-Madeleine and had to make an emergency landing in Gaspe with a single engine. Long, too long times when she wondered if she had not seen his family for the last time.

“Do I kissed my boyfriend for the last time? Do I saw my daughter for the last time? All you can do is anxious and ask if you’re not going through the last minutes of your life squarely, “shared the friendly lady, reached by telephone in the Îles de-la- Madeleine, where she goes once every 10 weeks to do their job of orthodontist with a few colleagues.

Sad irony

The misadventure that have experienced the 12 passengers on the plane came to a strange moment. Tuesday, September people whose political columnist Jean Lapierre and his native Saguenay wife, Nicole Beaulieu, who came to the Iles-de-la-Madeleine, died after their plane crashed four kilometers from the landing runway. This tragedy has obviously created additional anxiety in the minds of Chantal-Édith Renald.

“Firefighters and paramedics were ready to welcome us to the landing, but we did not know in how many pieces she has testified. It was the most stressful time, especially with everything that had happened the day before. We were all a little apprehensive at first, but everyone told us we were not to be afraid, that statistics play in our favor. On the plane, you may say you’re going to be part of the statistics. ”

If she managed to bring down the pressure, Ms. Renald did not hide that she had to rub the death of a little too close for his liking.

“When you see death so closely, that buttock, she agreed, she has taken a flight to Îles-de-la-Madeleine Thursday morning. Even today, it has taken some time to tell us we could put this event behind us. Honestly, this is the kind of thing I never want to relive my life. Never.”

Apprehension began before the flight when one of the engines has trouble starting. After yet another test that proved successful, the plane could take off. Things got tough 10 minutes before landing at Bonaventure in the Gaspe when said engine stopped working. Stress then took hold of the passenger.

“We look outside and you realize that there is a propeller that is no longer running, recited Chantale-Édith Renald. A minute later, the first officer came to see us to say that there is a small mechanical problem that was flying on one engine only, but we were coming soon. At that time, there was a silence. Quietly, they advanced towards the runway and for long minutes, the tower was one of the track. The co-pilot told us we had to turn in circles until the arrival of emergency services. After 40 minutes, we finally began the descent. Fortunately, it was a quiet evening because if it had been the least bit windier, I’m not sure I’d be alive to tell you. The plane made a few jerks while everyone did his prayers. ”

Without calling into question the steering team skills, Ms Renald believes that the decision to take the same plane to the recalcitrant engine is questionable.

“I think there may have been a bad decision from the commander, she argued. We should have to change planes departing. I will not criticize the work of the pilot because everyone is alive, but not perhaps we would reached this point if the original decision had been different. ”

Chantal-Edith Renald retain a lesson from his intense mishap.

“I think I’ll enjoy life with bigger bites from now,” she said.

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