Emergency landing in Montreal: no suspicious package was found

british-airways-assurait-collaborer-presA British Airways plane landed in Montreal emergency Wednesday morning after a phone call announcing that he was carrying a bomb. Audits conducted until early afternoon, however, proved negative, according to Aeroports de Montreal (ADM).

The Emergency Response Team of the Police Service of the City of Montreal (SPVM) pursuing various inspections of the unit, but the baggage is complete.

The BA274 flight took off from Las Vegas McCarran Airport and had to go to the Heathrow airport in London. He was baffled early Wednesday morning to the international airport Pierre Elliott Trudeau in Montreal.

According to the director for communications at Aéroports de Montreal, François Asselin, Montreal airport is part of a list of airports to which drivers access in emergencies, as was the case Wednesday. The airport is able to respond to such emergency call and no operation has been disrupted since both tracks remained functional, says Asselin.

The intervention of the SPVM was requested at 5:15 or forty minutes before the arrival of the aircraft on the runway.

There were 312 passengers and a dozen crew members on board the Boeing 747 when the evacuation took place, according to ADM. Soon after, the SPVM specialized agents, dogs and ADM employees boarded the British Airways apparatus to carry out a detailed examination.

The SPVM stated that the evacuation took place peacefully, without incident and no injuries.

The police did not reveal the source of the call threats.

The British Airways airline said in an email to The Canadian Press have taken this decision as a preventive measure and said that the operation had gone well.

The passengers were treated to a hotel room and will leave on board another flight as soon as possible, assured the carrier.

British Airways also said it is working closely with Canadian authorities.

According to the director for communications at ADM, some passengers may leave Montreal on Wednesday evening.

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