Emergency landing in Montreal: unfounded threat

air-france-signale-voie-communiqueAn Air France flight out of San Francisco, which was to go to Paris landed in Montreal in the late evening every Monday after an anonymous threat of unknown nature has been issued.

After the unit and baggage has been inspected and that the occupants have been met, the aircraft took off from the International Airport Pierre Elliott Trudeau before dawn on Tuesday towards the Paris airport -Charles de Gaulle.

The 231 passengers and 15 crew members were able to evacuate the aircraft safely after the unscheduled landing, around 11:45 p.m.. Fifteen fire-fighting trucks and police cars were at the airport when the plane landed.

Air France reported in a statement that it was the crew of the flight AF83 who decided to ask the Montreal Airport permission to ask a precaution. The company promises that an investigation will seek to find the source of the threat.

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