Emile Loranger intends to vote against the fiscal pact

emile-loranger-accuse-gouvernement-quebec(Quebec) The mayor of L’Ancienne-Lorette, Emile Loranger, intends to vote against the new fiscal pact with the Quebec government and encourage more colleagues to do the same Wednesday at the extraordinary meeting of the Union of Quebec Municipalities (UMQ) to the Levis Convention Center.

“I will vote against, unless a last minute surprise. But with the information I have for now, it is not, “said Loranger Monday in a telephone interview with The Sun.

The Quebec Government filed Friday which would, according Émile Loranger, a final offer to renew the fiscal pact. The 300 members of the UMQ to take knowledge to 16h to 18h Wednesday and will have to decide.

Pass the buck

“Last year, we took our $ 300 million, which resulted tax increases in some municipalities while others used their surplus to deal with this cut. It was believed that this cut would be temporary, but he seems the government has the intention to renew it for the next four years, “says the Mayor Loranger, who has also written a letter to the President of the UMQ Suzanne Roy.

In this letter, Émile Loranger accused the government of Quebec to help achieve a balanced budget in foisting the invoice Quebec taxpayers that lodge in a house, condominium or apartment. “The government does not transfer more responsibilities only we, it directly transfers us to collect taxes for him. And that is the administrative hypocrisy. ”


The mayor of L’Ancienne-Lorette told the Sun that it would be prepared to accept that cutting $ 300 million remains whether municipalities could also realize savings by reducing government control in particular.

“With such relief, there are substantial savings to be made. In my municipality, I am convinced that we could recover some $ 100,000 we lost in the fiscal pact. ”

He would also like that instead of immediately address the fiscal pact folder, it is possible not to renew it and give until May to address the issue together on concessions. “It makes no sense to send it at a time when we need to supplement municipal budgets.”

Émile Loranger therefore hope that as many municipalities participate in the extraordinary meeting of the UMQ in a mobilization order. “You can say no silly in fiscal compact, we need a plan B. And that’s why it takes a lot of people around the table Wednesday.”

For its part, the mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume, did not want to move forward on the fear that the cuts of $ 300 million to become recurrent. “Our president has it all in his hands. See you Wednesday [tomorrow] in Lévis. We will see that, “he said on the sidelines of a news conference Monday afternoon.

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