Employees of the cardboard Jonquiere closing maldigestion

usine-graphic-packaging-international-saguenayEmployees of the cardboard Saguenay which was closed Monday asking the owner not dismantle the short-term plant and give them time to consider a raise or seek a buyer.

“We wanted to give a clear mandate so that we can raise, the survival of the company if possible and, if this is not possible, try to find a buyer,” said in an interview with The Canadian Press, Friday, the president of the union employees, René Gélinas, following a general meeting.

The closure, which came without warning, will result in the loss of 140 jobs and employees gathered to discuss the events, although the employer did not yield any encouraging sign.

“We want to try to change the laws so we can stop having foreigners who come buy factories to close after six months without long-term work plan.”

The CSN, which represents the affected workers, now wants to join forces with other major central to pressure governments to adopt legislation to prevent the kind of operation that led to the closure.

“We want to try to change the laws so we can stop having foreigners who come buy factories to close after six months without long-term work plan,” said Gélinas.

The problem in this case, rotates about the lot in sales. The Saguenay plant was sold last December by the Cascades Group when it was decided to dispose of its operations in the boxboard sector.

The American Graphic Packaging Holding Company had purchased for $ 45 million Cascades cartonboard Saguenay and Quebec East Angus and the three cutting plants and folding boxboard in Ontario and Manitoba.

“They buy because they want to have a part of the infrastructure, or part of plants. They buy three or four and, even if there is one they do not want, they buy the lot anyway and they get rid of the other simply, “said Gélinas.

Graphic Packaging manufactures two types of cardboard, or from recycled fiber and from virgin pulp. The factory in East Angus also manufactures recycled cardboard, but the Saguenay plant manufactures cardboard with a mixture of recycled fiber and virgin pulp, a type that is not included in the Graphic Packaging catalog.

The employees’ union believes that the American company has never had the intention of maintaining the activities of the plant in Saguenay, but she bought it only because Cascades sold five block factories.

The union stresses in this context that the owner will not listen to stimulus projects and refused to convert the equipment to produce the same type carton as it already happened.

“They told us that they put the key in the door, there is nothing to do and there will be nothing to do in the future,” Mr. Gélinas dropped.

But he said the owner estimated that some 20 million investment required for one last building standard, excluding equipment.

“They told us that the factory was in tatters, she was completely scrap,” he told the union, while acknowledging that the factory does not pay mine. “Indeed, the building was pitiful,” said he said.

The general meeting on Friday was first to provide information and discuss measures to support employees, including the fate of their group RRSP.

Another meeting will be held Monday with the reclassification committee and representatives of Service Canada and Emploi Quebec.

A group of employees remained at work, the company that requested to concentrate all sensitive equipment in a single room for the winter, so not having to heat the entire building.

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