Engineering Companies: job losses apprehended

-eloise-harveyThe decision of Rio Tinto (RT) from now through Adecco rather than the top engineering firms in the region to the human resource rent has had the effect of a bomb in the business. The multinational, which had just signed agreements with the five largest firms in the region, now wants to deal with this supplier of temporary workers, a giant worldwide. A decision that could cause a wave of job losses.

Indeed, this decision affects a hundred engineers in five firms in the region. These agreements with RT represent 15% to 30% of sales in each of these regional offices. The survival of these offices would depend, according to several stakeholders interviewed. “In an already difficult economic situation that endangers regional offices. Especially since we had to negotiate our rates down and there we lower our volume. We can not do both. For our businesses, it becomes unsustainable, “said Eloise Harvey, vice president of Ceger Group, a shareholder of the firm WorleyParsons Cegertec.

If the news was criticized by many, this is how RT made the announcement that caused the most discontent. On Wednesday, the multinational has confirmed the information to the employees of different firms without first notifying the managers of these firms.

“The attitude of Rio Tinto, who met the engineers referred to places of work, without notifying us, the leaders of firms is relatively cavalier and unworthy. We do not understand this approach, “Ms. Harvey criticism.

“It’s a wild attitude that has nothing to do with the 2016 practices,” adds another representative of a company, who prefers to remain anonymous so as not to adversely affect its business.

Joint yesterday, President of the Chamber of Commerce Saguenay, François Gagné, admitted his surprise at the decision of the multinational. He also contacted RT to invite them to sit with the firms.

“It was difficult to understand this gesture. The process has clearly lacked transparency. And the risk of losing jobs are present if they want to hire engineers now with Adecco rather than firms here. But I am informed me, and this decision does not affect other contracts between RT and firms. Major contracts for tens of millions $ per year, “reassures the president of the Saguenay Chamber of Commerce.

If engineers want to continue working to RT, it is likely that they will leave their company to do business with Adecco. Regional offices without such contracts Rio Tinto, will be obliged to divest professionals. “Anyway, there will be more work to give them. We wanted to have good jobs in the area, with conditions and benefits. But now we will fall with the mere leasing, “growls a leader of one of the affected firms.

The company Staff Service Saguenay, which revolves already in the middle of Engineering, has been invited to bid on the contract won by Adecco. Its owner, Carl Patry, did not hide his disappointment.

“We are already working with Rio Tinto. I admit, we would have liked to be invited to tender. But they probably had their reasons. Yet we have been able to offer reasonable costs and the contract would have remained in the region. The fallout would have remained here. ”

Xuan-Lan Vu reassures

Xuan-Lan Vu has insisted that the multinational engineering services remained in place. The use of Adecco firm only affects external resources for rental as site supervisors or project managers. “In engineering terms, we continue to do business with the firms here,” she says, mentioning that this is the case, among others, for the rehabilitation of the anode furnace at the plant great Bay. (With Johanne Saint-Pierre)

The intervention of Philippe Couillard claimed

(Johanne Saint-Pierre) – In human resources rental record in engineering, which has an impact for engineering firms in the region, Alexandre Cloutier believes that the decision of Rio Tinto requires the intervention of the Prime Minister.

“When (the Minister) Raymond Bachand signed the agreement, he said he had negotiated the guarantees for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean for that jobs are maintained. Finally, we see that it is crumbling over erosion of the quality of jobs. This is serious. It has expertise and trust with our engineering firms that helped them in many ways, to expand, and for some companies to become multinationals. I refer to companies like STAS, which had major contracts and are now examples internationally. This is extremely worrying, “he laments.

“Once again, we are left with a scenario where RT, under the pretext of saving costs, will actually have an impact on the number of jobs in the region and the cooperation of the company with the environment. RT turns to a multinational instead of doing business with our regional companies with which it has developed expertise, a bond of trust and personal loans. ”

In his eyes, the multinational has stretched the elastic to its maximum. “It is clear that the Prime Minister Philippe Couillard has to intervene and tell us whether or not the agreement of continuity means something. So, next time, we will know what to expect because the multinational beautiful game and can make rain or shine in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, “he said.

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