Enraged by a statement of offense

apres-avoir-recu-constat-infraction(Quebec) Nobody likes to receive of offense. But, fortunately for police, motorists rarely react as badly as Alex Andrew Lavoie.

On the evening of July 15, Lavoie, a man of 30 years of Saguenay is parked next to a convenience store in Sainte-Geneviève road in the Neufchatel sector.

After checking the onboard computer, the two police intercept because it rolls past few weeks, with license plates and unpaid insurance. And without a driving license, will they see.

Moody, Alex-Andre Lavoie grumbles, complains at being disturbed. According to the account given to the court when he pretends to restart, police drops the findings on the thighs of the driver.

The motorist sees red, reviles the patroller and gives him a coffee background.

He fled and stopped 200 meters further to balance of offense through the window. He refuses to rest and goes at full speed. A few minutes later, he tried to rush at the police.

The agents eventually find on the Boulevard Saint-Claude, all off lighthouse, high speed rolling. Lavoie will be forced to stop after a slight collision with a patrol car.

Still enraged, he resists arrest. Sergeant uses the taser (Taser gun) to immobilize the individual. The latter continues to berate the police, treat lawyers “assholes” and the judges of “buffoons”. He yells his contempt of the judiciary, saying the laws are too strict and that prisons should be empty, according to the story yesterday to the court by the Crown prosecutor, Jean-Philippe Lanthier.

Rene De La Sablonnière judge refused to give Alex-André Lavoie released during procedures, highlighting the substantial likelihood that the individual, who has some prior record of non-compliance with probation, obstruction, threat and assault in fact, interfere with the administration of justice.

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