Environment: high expectations for Justin Trudeau

justin-trudeauThe Quebec Association of fight against air pollution (AQLPA) hope that the actions of Justin Trudeau will live up to its environmental intentions.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, the climate and energy director of the organization, Alain Brunel, argued that the prime minister appointed “has already set the table for a pretty significant shift.”

He continued by stating that the newcomer seems to be inhabited by the desire to build on “a collaborative relationship with the provinces (and) his approach has brought a breath of fresh air in Canadian politics.”

In the eyes of Mr. Brunel, this desire for cooperation is welcome to approach the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris scheduled to begin by the end of next month.

He, however, added half fig, half grape that will have “boots (Trudeau) follow his chops.”

Alain Brunel said that the first test of the new government will be Energy East, because “the liberal program was quite clear about the fact that he had to review the environmental assessment process” that is used in particular to review the pipeline projects.

In addition, Mr. Brunel was reluctant to the idea of ​​taking a position in relation to the choice of the future federal Minister of the Environment.

“I would not dare say in place of Justin Trudeau,” he first indicated.

He, however, finally said lip that “it is certain that Stéphane Dion who held the environment portfolio between 2004 and 2006 has a considerable experience.”

After issuing this comment, Alain Brunel was quick to go a clarification.

“The important thing is not so much the designated person, but the guidelines that will be given and the actions to be taken” by Ottawa, he concluded.

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