Environmental Quality: stiff fines for Neptune

1161885The company Neptune Technologies and Bioresources was sentenced to more than $ 86,500 in fines for violating the Act on the quality of the Quebec Environment.

Those of offense had been given as a result of the investigation made in the margin of the tragic events of November 2012.

The company pleaded guilty to five recently of offense at the courthouse of Sherbrooke.

Although the certificate of authorization allowing the production of krill oil from one tank, the company added an additional tank to increase production and improve the process between 1 October 2011 and the time of the explosion Nov. 8, 2012.

It is an explosion of acetone which is the origin of the drama of November 2012. The explosion and fire had killed three people and caused injury to thirty people.

“Regarding the aggravating factors that were taken into consideration, we accept that the company has increased its production of 30 percent of krill oil and has increased the monetary benefits linked to the increase. We consider the long period when there was a transaction contrary to the certificate of authorization and the deterrent effect that the sentence is out in the community to prevent this from happening again, “the summary of evidence presented by the prosecution.

This approach has allowed the company to increase its production over a period of 13 months.

“The fact that following the events, the company took the allegations seriously and has made various changes in the direction of the company.”

The Justice of the Peace Sylvie Desmeules endorsed the joint submission of counsel to criminal and penal prosecutions Julie Langlois and the company’s attorney Mr. David Joanisse.

This common suggestion has considered various elements whose current precarious capacity of the company, the fact that Neptune Technologies and Bioresosurces employs one hundred employees in Sherbrooke, there is no soil contamination or the atmosphere and the fact that the company offered a good collaboration.

“The fact that following the events, the company took the allegations seriously and has made various changes in the company management. The fact that the company has established a strict protocol and extensive dismantling. The fact that the company has worked with the Commission on Health and Safety (CSST) and she followed and applied all its recommendations. The fact that the company has rebuilt its new plant according to the rules of art and incurring impressive financial means to do so. The fact that there were no incidents since the November 8, 2012. The fact that, initially, there has been a manifestation of the real intention of the company to settle out of court and avoid thus long trial, “the summary of the facts of this case.

An amount of $ 48 million was invested to restart production after the explosion that killed three people and caused injury to thirty people in November 2012. Production resumed in the new plant in June 2014.

CSST had blamed Neptune after the tragedy that claimed the lives of Marc Couture, Herman Guerrero and Abel Regalado-Calderin. The company had then paid a fine of $ 58,000.

According to the report filed by the CSST in May 2014, there were shortcomings in the design and process control during the restart of operations causing an uncontrollable spill acetone. The report also points to a contradiction between the classification and amenities of the building and its main use. Finally, gaps in technical skills of staff generated dangerous situations.

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