Eugenie Bouchard must review its priorities, believes Chris Evert

eugenie-bouchard-ete-sortie-mardi(Wimbledon) Tuesday evening during the press conference after his defeat against the Chinese Duan Ying-Ying, Eugenie Bouchard said: “There are some months when I lost in Indian Wells or Miami, I have not think it was the end of the world, but many people have thought.

“We are closer to the end of the world today, for sure …”

The image summed up the frustration of Quebec to the idea of ​​having yet been defeated in the first round in a Grand Slam, losing all points earned last year in the final at Wimbledon and ending up soon near the 50 th in the world as the first.

Earlier this week, Bouchard had told to have received the support of several former players and coaches, including the great Chris Evert. The American champion of 18 Grand Slam titles, has often rubbed the Quebec and is one of those who always encouraged.

This time, however, she wanted to put the record straight. “Eugenie has not experienced a truly exceptional season last year, she said here in an ESPN news briefing. She did well in Grand Slams, certainly, but not in other tournaments.

“And she was also lucky. Here at Wimbledon, she was one of the few to be able to finish his third round match on the first Saturday despite rain that delayed the game for five hours. Almost all the others had to wait until Monday or Tuesday. And Serena Williams, she could face later in the tournament, was eliminated that Saturday … ”

Evert, who recalled having itself experienced more difficult periods during his career despite a sparkling record, stressed the importance for Bouchard to ask some questions. “I’m not sure she made the best decision by separating from [his coach] Nick Saviano [to work with Sam Sumyk] has she explained. He knew for a long time and knew the build confidence.

“But this is not the most important. This is especially the time for it to review its priorities. I believe that if she really wants to find his game, he must make his priority and forget a little magazine covers for now … It’s up to her, but if she really wants it will have to dig deep itself the energy to work on his game and only on that, without any distractions. ”

Too talented not to bounce

Less severe with Bouchard, his compatriot Vasek Pospisil told Tuesday that he sympathized with his troubles. “It’s not easy when you’re in results of failure, he insisted. Every defeat becomes bigger than the last, and we can not see how we can get by.

“Trust bailer, motivation too. But Genie is too talented not to rebound. It must hang on, keep working, and things will get back into position. ”

Bouchard itself is hopeful of bouncing. “I know I’m not the only one to live such a situation. This is certainly a difficult period, but I know that if I continue to work, if I start to play like I can do, success will only be more valuable! ”

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