Evening Opening Glance: where everything can begin

recu-ambassadeurs-20eThe 20th edition of Focus on the short Saguenay opened under a shower of confetti and a parody of a Broadway show in Salle François-Brassard packed Thursday night. Actors, filmmakers and industry players from around the world celebrated the opening night 20th meeting in an atmosphere of friendship and showing strong links that the event has woven over the years.

“I was here in the third year, I was spokesman for the four year and after we made a short film this year specifically to come look. I returned a dozen times since and I would not have missed the appointment of the 20th, “argued Louis-David Morasse can be seen in the television series’ O since 2012 and L’Auberge du chien black.

“You do not come to look for pretend and be seen in cocktails. We are talking about real issues, we meet people with whom we exchange, which proposed projects, creation is discussed. For 20 years, this festival we boot ass and encourages us to make films. There are not many such events offering the chance for filmmakers to present their films in rooms full of connoisseurs and amateurs short film, “says one who considers Regard opens your eyes to the short film .

Simon Olivier Fecteau, which is seen in the series Those guys, was spokesman Regard for the 15th edition in 2011. “I love this festival, there is a great creative energy here and I going to live the next day by attending screenings in numerous meetings with people and enjoying the parties. This is my favorite festival, “slice the actor and director.

“I’m on my third in a row. People come here for the movies, but also for contacts. There are several projects that have sprung up here, sometimes it starts with a beer and it ends with a film, “says Jean-Francois Provencal, who plays with the spokesman of the current edition, Anne-Elisabeth Bosse, in Appendices, which will return to Télé-Québec for a ninth season.


There was a lot of excitement in the room for the opening projection. The evening began with the staging of a Broadway show with singer, musicians and dancers who have multiplied blunders. The singer tore off her dress by an actor who loses foot, the set pieces began to fall during the show continued. Some believed it was true, but still remained at their place while the confetti cannons showed the poster “Good 20th” who also unhooked to stay in tune.

Spokeswoman Anne-Elisabeth Bosse has found an original way to present his opening speech, claiming a technical problem that had to present his short film. “Fortunately, I have my script with me, I’ll read it to you hoping you will create mental images,” she was amused in a very colorful reading.

The founder of the festival, which was headed for 15 years, Eric Bachant, was invited on stage to the rhythm of a sustained ovation. He told the Daily in an interview he did not believe at first that it would become so important as an event. “This is a public festival, designers love it. In large cities often have the industry players who meet you and the public does not necessarily follow the activities. Here in the region, the audience is there and the participants live an extraordinary experience, “said one who helped to develop a culture of short film in Saguenay.

A packed jury

The filmmaker, author and writer François Avard is in his first visit to the Saguenay. It appears to look like a member of the professional environment. “This is my first exit north of Quebec and I’m glad to be here. I look forward to sharing with other members of the jury movies I viewed. I did my homework, I left four or five viewing I found a full programming talents and very imaginative projects, “said the prolific director who made us discover the Bougons and recently the The mirage movie, co-written with Louis Morissette in 2015.

“I found that there were many movies that dealt with not very good dads. I do not know if it’s because I’m a father, I’m a man, it hit me more, but relations “fuckées” between father and son and father of images and violent man m ‘were arrested in what I saw. This may be a sign of what is happening in our societies, designers are inspired by what is happening around them. At the end of the screenings, I was eager to see nice guy image, “says one who has appreciated the project of fiction and animated films.

Eve Landry

The actress Eve Landry, who plays the role of Joan in the television series Unit 9, also part of the jury of the 20th edition. She admits that some films she viewed still live in it. “I was touched and moved several times. I have seen good projects and very inspiring. I found the theme of war returning often. Syria and migrants may have inspired the creators. The movies of injustice and abuse of power make me react and I am indignant face these feelings. It was worth the sometimes worth taking a break to digest viewing this, “realizes that which is in its first judge experience.

Marcel Jean

The producer, director and writer, coauthor of Quebec cinema Dictionary, Marcel Jean, who is also part of the jury also noted in programming several topics touched migrants and economic difficulties that are experienced in the world. “The reality is reflected in the shorts, not only for Québec productions, but also in foreign films. Filmmakers reflect what they see, “he said.

“I look forward to sharing with other members of the jury. Everyone will come to the meeting with suggestions and that’s the discussion that will be born palmares, “wisely said the CEO of the Cinematheque québécoise.

Louise Archambault and Piotr Dumala

The writer and director Louise Archambault (the Galley and Gabrielle) and director of animation and fiction writer and native of Poland, Piotr Dumala, complete the professional jury.

The festival entered the heart of its programming on Friday with more than 15 activities in the program, dissemination of the project The Digital Eye in collaboration with the band having Sonimage movies shot with smartphones. Moviegoers should download VLC player on their mobile device BEFORE you get in the room Murdock Chicoutimi at 13 am, to be able to view the films.

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