Explosion on a site of exploitation of oil sands

porte-parole-syncrude-will-gibsonAn explosion interrupted the activities of a place of processing of oil sands company Syncrude is located near Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Ryan Bartlett, the Alberta Energy Regulator, the regulator, the provincial, said that the incident happened early Saturday morning on the site of Mildred Lake.

In an email, Mr. Bartlett indicated that, according to the company, all the workers were safe and sound, no product had been spilled and that no suspicious smell had been detected off-site.

The spokesman for Syncrude, Will Gibson, for his part, revealed that a fire had broken out in the facility to turn tar sands into oil on the site Mildred Lake and had been extinguished by the fire department of the company.

Mr. Gibson has admitted to not having for the moment no information on the cause of the fire and extent of damage.

He has only stated that employees were permitted to operate on the site and that the company asked its suppliers to be patient in the time that it shed light on the incident.

Will Gibson has assured that the priority of Syncrude was the safety of its personnel.

He added that the production had been affected, but that it was still too early to know to what extent.

Closure order for 95 oil
In addition, the regulator the Alberta energy has ordered Nexen Energy immediately close 95 the oil pipelines in the north-east of the province.

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) announced its decision late Friday night, saying that the company was not in compliance with the standards relating to the maintenance and monitoring of oil pipelines from its site of exploitation of oil sands Long Lake.

According to the spokesperson of the AER, Bob Curran, all companies in the oil and gas sector are required to monitor and inspect all of their pipelines, and to maintain a record about it.

He said that Nexen had not been able to prove that it had observed these rules for the 95 pipelines concerned.

Mr. Curran stated that the pipelines would remain closed as long as the company would not have shown to the AER that it complies with the requirements of the legislation in force.

On July 15, a leak had been discovered on the site of Nexen in the Long Lake, the pipeline in question, which has spilled in the nature of nearly five million litres of a mixture of bitumen, water and sand.

The company, which was purchased by the society of chinese State-owned CNOOC in 2013, had revealed that the area affected by the spill stretched over a period of about 16 000 square meters along the pipeline route.

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