Export of bulk water: the PLC sum Mulcair to clarify its position

waterAfter the praise of Margaret Thatcher, other statements in the past Thomas Mulcair are brought to the forefront by his opponents. In a letter addressed to the leader of the NDP and obtained by The Press, the liberal Party of Canada asked him to clarify his position on the export of bulk water.

The troops of Justin Trudeau emerged the statements of Mr. Mulcair in 2004, when he stated that he was in favour of a debate on the export of this resource, which he described as being renewable and the potential to boost the regional economy.

“I can enligner 500 trucks with jugs of water ; it is not export. But, a tanker truck, it is the massive export. Find the logic there, ” said Mr. Mulcair to the national Assembly in June 2004.

“If we are to ensure the sustainability, the renewal, the quality of the resource water, if we ensure a good legal basis, why it would be taboo to think of having a fee, to do the export ?” he added while he occupied the post of Environment minister in the liberal government of Jean Charest.

The debate was dead in the egg when the prime minister Charest had opposed it publicly and that the ministry of the Environment had decreed a few days later that a study of ten years of the water table québécoise would be necessary before considering such an option.

In a letter dated today, the PLC asks him to clarify his position. “As Quebecers, some of the statements that you have made in respect of the export of bulk water […] we are concerned at the highest point “, one can read in the letter signed by the liberal candidates in Quebec.

Candidates from British Columbia have sent a similar letter.

These candidates ask Mr. Mulcair to answer a series of questions, including : Are you for the export of bulk water by the Quebec and ” are you aware of the fact that the authorisation of the export in bulk […] risk of turning water into a commodity under NAFTA ? ”

The ” recycling “

The NDP is against the export of bulk water. A spokesman for the ndp responded last night by calling the attack ” recycling “, as the same had been made against his head upon his election in Outremont in 2007.

“The reality is that there was a proposal on the table, the thing has been studied in a responsible manner by weighing the pros and cons and in the end, Mr. Mulcair has said no to the export of water in bulk “, has settled the spokesperson Karl Belanger.

In an interview to The Press in 2007, Mr. Mulcair was back on the episode, 2004, explaining : “I had wanted to start a debate, but it is a subject so delicate that even the idea of a debate is becoming a huge problem in itself.”

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