Extortion, intimidation, aggravated assault and conspiracy four individuals appearing

-sandro-joseThree individuals from the Montreal area and Jonquierois appeared Monday afternoon before Judge Jean Hudon, the Chicoutimi courthouse. They face charges of extortion, intimidation, aggravated assault and conspiracy in what appears to be a reckoning causing serious injury to a man known to the Bay area.

Eric Tremblay, 35, Jonquiere Djiezion Magnusson, 32, Louis Vladimir Battle, 27, and Jose Sandro, 22, were accused of beating with sticks on Baieriverain, inflicting fractures members and severe head injuries on Sunday afternoon.

According to the account of the events conducted by Julien Me Boulianne, defense counsel, and Bruno Cormier, Public Safety spokesman Saguenay, the three Montrealers, two of which have no known address, moved into the region provided with a list of three names and addresses of people to “visit”. “When they are presented to a first address in La Baie, they tried to meet someone. The person on the spot refused to open the targeted building. They left to go to a second location. It is at this time that this has degenerated and the individual was assaulted. The victim was known to police but not for court cases, “said Cormier.

According to sources, the victim was a man working in the business world.

Mr. Boulianne said that the clients they represent visited the two individuals claiming to collect a debt which now belonged to them while demanding payment. “During the visit of the first person, there was no violence. It was at the meeting with the second person as the situation escalated and the victim was beaten. ”

Mr. Boulianne added that at this stage of the investigation, no information has been obtained to the effect that individuals would be linked to organized crime or street gangs. Since the victim has not been met, that his condition is not yet known and that other investigative elements could be added to the file, Mr. Boulianne has not excluded that other charges may be added.

The Crown prosecutor, Sebastien Vallee, opposed the release of individuals and asked the judge to order Hudon individuals involved do not communicate.

Furthermore, no information was available about another person who has suffered a beating in the Jonquière sector. According to Bruno Cormier, there would be no link between the events in the Bay and what happened in Jonquière.

Recall that after leaving the Bay, the quartet traveling in a car was stopped by several patrol on Highway 70 up to the exit Saint-Paul.

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