“Extremist redhead” convicted of trying to kill Prince Charles

prince-charlesA Briton, 37, who felt marginalized because of his red hair, was convicted Tuesday of plotting to assassinate the Princes Charles and William for Harry, also red, becomes king one day.

Mark Colborne, a white supremacist, was convicted of preparing terrorist acts by a jury before the London court at the Old Bailey. The judge, John Bevan, said that the sentence would be pronounced on November 3, citing “a very odd case” involving a “very strange man.”

Colborne, who maintains his innocence, was arrested in June 2014 after his half-brother had discovered chemicals and suspicious documents in a family house in Southampton (south).

The investigation revealed that the accused had searched the internet for ways to make homemade bombs, and that it had obtained the chemicals to manufacture cyanide, as well as protective masks, syringes and gloves latex.

In his diary, the accused has expressed his desire to “put a bullet in the head of Charles’ eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, first in the Line of succession to the British throne. “He is protected, but not much. I would sacrifice my life for a shot. Kill Charles and William Harry to become king. Kill the tyrant, “there he said, failing to realize that William had, at the time, a little boy before Harry in the order of succession.

Since May 2, William and his wife Kate are also the parents of a little daughter, who also anticipates Harry.

Colborne was also compared with right extremist Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011.

“I want to massive retaliation, a mass terrorist attack that will draw attention to our suffering, not just mine but that of my brothers around the world,” he added in his notes. “I want the world to attend my metamorphosis, a representative of that poor redhead community that is constantly walking on it, to a military terrorist.”

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