Facebook erroneously deletes several messages from Zuckerberg on false information

mz_0Facebook obviously has not finished with the problem of false information on its platform. Criticized on this point after the election of Donald Trump and accused by some of having lost Hillary Clinton (it is probably much more complicated than that), the social network decided to counter-attack and to attack phenomenon.
But the social network made a new dump on the evening of 29 November, deleting several posts from the page of his boss, Mark Zuckerberg. And not just any posts, “said The Verge, as” two important posts on the role of Facebook in the US presidential and dissemination of information have disappeared from its timeline before being restored. ”
In the first, it ensured in particular that 99% of the contents shared on Facebook were genuine, even if the company still had much to do on the subject. The second explained how Facebook planned to tackle hoaxes and false information. In a third, which had also disappeared, one could see the boss of Facebook find the idea that his company had won Trump “quite crazy”.
So, inevitably, some people wondered if by removing these messages, Facebook was not trying to rewrite the story, and to come back on some remarks. In fact, said a spokesman for the social network, this temporary removal was a mere accident.
“These posts have been deleted by mistake. This was caused by an error in one of our systems and posts have now been restored. Mark’s account was not compromised, and he maintains what he wrote. ”
About seven other posts from Zuckerberg have also been deleted, says CNN. When you clicked on it, an error page appeared, indicating that the page was not available, that the link was broken (it was not), or that the page might have been deleted.
This new error adds to the long list of problems experienced by the social network during the last month. And as The Verge writes, Facebook has taken on such importance that even though this mistake may not be as serious as saying that two million people have died, “it’s worrying that Facebook To simply disappear things that the boss of their company has said.

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