Facebook monetizes its audience better and better

maintenant-100-millions-heures-videoThe American social network Facebook has done even better than expected 2015, mobile advertising continues to fuel strong growth while users are always more numerous and more profitable.

The action group flew more than 11% late Wednesday in electronic trading after the session on Wall Street, after announcing a net profit up 25% over the full year, when it reached $ 3.7 billion, and more than doubled to 1.6 billion in the fourth quarter.

This is the first time that the quarterly Group profit exceeded the one billion dollars.

Facebook also continues to expand its audience, with 1.59 billion users now claimed for the network end of December, against 1.55 billion three months earlier.

Their interest does not seem to weaken, since 65% of them log on every day, a level identical to that recorded in late September. And the world’s largest social network comes better and better monetize: it achieved an average income of 3.73 dollars per user in the fourth quarter.

Overall, Group sales soared by 44% to $ 17.9 billion over the whole of last year, and even from 57% to 5.6 billion in the fourth quarter that better ‘anticipated by analysts.

Facebook continues in particular to cash receipts of mobile advertising on its network itself as its application Instagram photo sharing where 98 of its 100 largest advertisers now also carry out campaigns, according to its operating director Sheryl Sandberg.

Mobile now represents 80% of the Group’s advertising revenue.

100 million hours of video per day

Facebook also continues to gain momentum in the online video, in which many analysts see another niche probably very profitable in the future.

“Now 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook,” said the boss-founder Mark Zuckerberg, just back from his paternity leave, on a conference call with analysts.

He saw the group’s performance in the year denier, which contrast with the difficulties faced by his Twitter competitor, “a very good foundation for the continuation of our efforts in 2016. Our strategy is working and we have many other opportunities to we”.

The social network itself is indeed not the only product of Facebook to progress. His mobile messaging WhatsApp, bought in 2014, now shows nearly one billion users, and other mail, Messenger, recently surpassed the 800 million mark.

Messenger potentials were significantly muscled since last year, with the gradual integration of trade in services, payments and transport for example, and in turn WhatsApp has recently announced its intention to explore ways to allow companies to use its platform to communicate with customers.

Facebook is also working on more futuristic projects, such as artificial intelligence or a solar UAV that can serve as relay internet, Aquila, where Mark Zuckerberg looked forward to a first test flight this year.

The Oculus VR subsidiary for its part has opened pre-orders for its first consumer product, the Rift helmet, with deliveries announced for March. Zuckerberg did not specify their number but assured to be very satisfied, reaffirming his certainty that even if the virtual reality deceive mainly from amateur video games, she ultimately had “also the potential to change the way we live, work and communicate. ”

“2016 will be another important year of investment”, with total spending expected to increase by 30% to 40%, warned Dave Wehner CFO.

He recalled that in addition to the money injected into its core business, the group has already doubled last year’s investment levels in its service next generation -WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger- tripled and those to its paris longer term (Oculus, artificial intelligence).

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