Fans mourn David Bowie where he was born in London

fans-david-bowie-laissent-mots(London) At the foot of a large colorful mural depicting the face of David Bowie in Brixton (south London), fans of the deceased star, all generations and all countries paraded on Monday to express sadness and admiration goes well beyond his music.

“Everybody loved him. It is a sad day, “said Julia, early forties, came to close to this popular area in the process of gentrification, where Bowie was born 69 years ago.

She takes a picture of the fresco, inspired by the album Thin White Duke, conducted by Australian artist Jimmy C (James Cochran) painted on the wall of a supermarket in Tunstall Road.

“It is my youth, the challenge to gender stereotypes. For homosexuals, it was a light that guided us and gave us hope. I have two daughters and they love it, “says Charlie Rice, 66, dark glasses and colorful scarf who works for a charity.

Nydia 45, English writer, in tears, laid flowers and candles, back on those off. “He was everything to me. He had a lot of influence on my life, since the age of 11 years. If I had not had heroes like David Bowie, I probably never would have been an artist, “she said.

Dagmar, 40, a graphic designer, comes from Brazil. “It’s not just music, it is his actions, his lifestyle, what he meant to everyone,” he said.

Calvin Tsai, 23, a Taiwanese student, adds: “it is in our hearts and we will not forget. It’s a great musician, I play music and influenced me a lot. ”

Clare Ronai 35, accountant, brought flowers. She is in tears, with her baby in the stroller. “I discovered it when I was 12-13 years old, and we all think that is not normal at this age. And he helped us throughout that period, “she says.

She dressed her baby as the one who appears in Labyrinth, the film where Bowie appeared the king of elves.

“For my generation and that of my parents, it’s a turning point,” says Julian Tung, 29, project manager, hat pulled down over the ears, after taking a photo.

Nell, sixties, gray hair and blue bike helmet in hand, came to deposit a small bouquet “He was a genius,” she coward, overwhelmed by an emotion that prevents him from saying more.

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