Fantastic Animals 2: Intrigue, rumors, casting … What we know about the film

les-animaux-fantastiques-2-fantastic-beastsThe Fantastic Animals has just released on our screens that the second opus offers its share of rumors. Melty makes the point with you.
The Fantastic Animals, a new franchise revolving around the Harry Potter universe, is already a commercial success. The second part, which is expected to go into production shortly, revealed many details through JK Rowling or David Yates, its director. According to the writer himself, “Fantastic Beasts” would also mean the bestiality found in the characters’ hearts. A statement that indicates that Les Animaux Fantastiques 2, which will have a different tone of the first film, will not turn that around Norbert Dragonneau. Because revealing Grindelwald’s presence in the plot of this sequel, David Yates and JK Rowling have hinted that the film would revolve around his tumultuous story with Dumbledore. A thunderbolt on the part of the latter, a friendship and then a rivalry that should be explained in detail to the delight of the fans.

Norbert Dragonneau should also give us more information about his romance with Leta Lestrange. A character already present in the first opus and interpreted by Zoe Kravitz. According to David Yates, the woman has a strong power of attraction on the young wizard and their story could offer beautiful moments. Because one of the big frustrations of the fans of Harry Potter was the love story treated clumsily between Ginny Weasley and Harry in the movies. The opportunity for the British filmmaker to catch up a little. But this is not all about the characters since rumors evoke the return of Credence, interpreted by Ezra Miller. Thanks to his Obscurus, the shy and fragile young man could be more dangerous than ever … if he comes back from the dead. Stay tuned.

Several things are certain about the places in which Fantastic Animals 2 will take place, of which Johnny Depp has been described as perfect in the role of Grindelwald according to David Yates. First of all, there will be Paris. The opportunity to discover our dear capital at another time but especially sorcerers from home! Fans should also return to England. While knowing that Hogwarts is in Scotland, Fantastic Animals 2 could give us a glimpse of the famous school of magic … all with a charm of yesteryear. But this is not all since this second opus could also develop the death of Ariana Dumbledore in a duel between her two brothers and Grindelwald, the homosexuality of the future director of Hogwarts confirmed by JK Rowling but never shown on screen Etc. In short, that new details on this already dense universe that is that of Harry Potter! What do you hope to see in The Fantastic Animals 2?

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