Fantastic Animals 2: Voldemort’s father at the casting?

les-animaux-fantastiques2-fantastic-beastsWill Voldemort’s father be casting Fantastic Animals 2? Which actor embodies it already in the spin-off of Harry Potter? Warning, spoilers.
Warning, this article contains spoilers. The new adventure written by JK Rowling seems to have convinced fans of the Harry Potter saga! The film is a box office box and the media even compare the franchise to that of Star Wars; Pleading occasionally to avoid the mistakes made by The Clone Wars and the Revenge of the Siths. We have already revealed how the relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald in The Fantastic Animals 2 will be revealed, and since then a new theory has broken out on the MoviePilot website. According to fans of the Harry Potter universe, a character of the Fantastic Animals could be the father of Voldemort! And this actor would be Ezra Miller (The Flash) who embodies Credence Barebone.

First, funny coincidence, the story of the Fantastic Animals takes place in 1926, year to which was born Voldemort, the 31 of December precisely. According to the books of JK Rowling, the mother of the famous villain is called Merope Gaunt and lived in an English village. The father is named Tom Riddle Senior, he was English also, rich and married to the future mother of Voldemort. According to the theory, we are hidden that in reality it is Credence the father; If he is not Tom Riddle Senior himself. For this, he must have traveled from New York to England around March 1926 to fertilize Merope. It is possible with the right timing … For remember that Credence dies in The Fantastic Animals, so he must have already met Merope to give birth to her child.

For others this theory is impossible. Why JK Rowling or Warner Bros would like to bring a new vision to the personality of Voldemort? Will they change elements of the story so that we learn that Voldemort has trafficked his family tree ?! Did he really know who his parents were? One thing is for sure, we’ll have the answer in the next episode of the new trilogy of the Harry Potter universe. Follow the link if you want to know more about Gellert Grindelwald, Dumbledore’s rival in The Fantastic Animals 2. The release is scheduled for November 2018. And you, do you think Credence is Voldemort’s father?

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