Fantastic Animals 2: What will be the relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald?

harry-potter-les-animaux-fantastiques-2-lesJK Rowling was never able to explain the relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald accurately. This may be corrected in Les Animaux Fantastiques 2.
While a second actor is interested in the role of Dumbledore in The Fantastic Animals 2, the latter has a very special relationship with Grindelwald in the Harry Potter mythology. A relationship that will no doubt be better explained in the continuation of the franchise. As early as 2010, JK Rowling evoked many personality traits of the evil wizard Grindelwald “I think he’s a manipulator and a narcissist.” Before explaining “He would do anything to have Dumbledore on his side”. But for what reasons? According to the author, Grindelwald could say, “My God, I have never seen someone as brilliant, talented and powerful as I am, and together we would be impossible to stop!”

But while Grindelwald’s view of Dumbledore is that of respect, the director of Hogwarts would have had feelings of love. In their youth, the two men exchanged many letters promising to subdue the Muggles to the sorcerers. A very dark design that Grindewald wanted to implement, taking advantage of Dumbledore’s loving gaze. It is the death of Ariana Dumbledore, which will perhaps be explained in detail in The Fantastic Animals 2, which definitively separated the two men. An ambiguous and mysterious relationship that fans are eager to discover in the aftermath of Norbert Dragonneau’s adventures. What do you think of this relationship?

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