Farnham Lalande challenges a job counselor

tension-plus-plus-vive-hotel(Farnham) The voltage is increasingly fierce between Jean Lalande and his municipal council colleagues of Farnham. The adviser objected that recently the director of the recreation department, culture and tourism Roxane Roy Landry gets a permanence. All other elected officials, including the mayor Josef Hüsler, voted favorably to formalize his hiring.

Angry that Mr. Lalande request a vote on this, Councillor Roger Noiseux asked him to explain. “I do not agree to giving permanence,” he has said, surprised by the aggressive tone of his colleague. He made no further comment.

In an interview yesterday, Mr. Lalande has expressed concern over the management of that service. He lamented that no selection process has followed the departure of Marie-Claude Viau Officer in December 2012. The hiring of former football player Steve Charbonneau few months later was precipitated, a- he said, just like Ms. Roy Landry last fall. Ms. Roy Landry was the assistant of Mr. Charbonneau, he recalled. “We did not improve our service because we have not taken the time to decide what we wanted as a service,” he said.

The timing was perfect, following the departure of Mr. Charbonneau to the board analyzes the City’s needs in regard to its recreation department supports the veteran advisor. “We had agreed to await the adoption of the budget to look at it, to ask where we were going, what we wanted from this department. We wanted to have an overview. But we then saw an advertisement for the post. This is not what was decided. ”

If he says he had nothing against Ms. Roy Landry, he believes it does not have the skills for the job. She has a BA in communications and not recreational or management, he noted.

Representative of the district Dr. Olivier Trépanier, Mr. Lalande is concerned about the footprint of the Director General François Giasson on the board. The decision to open the position of Director, Recreation, culture and tourism comes from him, he insists. “He leads off. It is in connivance with the mayor. ”

Advisor since 1990, Mr. Lalande is not shy to criticize the apathy of his colleagues. “We were not elected for any support. It should read, think and make good decisions. This is not what we do. There are counselors who vote for because they are told to vote for, vote for some not to displease certain vote to be no baffles, “he laments.

102 applications

Reached for comment on Mr. Lalande, Mayor Josef Hüsler explained that a rigorous process was followed to fill the post. The City received 102 resumes, he has said. Ten people were selected seven for an interview. “We chose two people who both met with the board. Was then our choice. Mr. Lalande was against at first. It is against this day. It stays the course. That is his right. ”

The City could not wait longer before making a hiring said Mr. Hüsler. The period of January, February is very important in the planning of various leisure activities and culture, he has said. “There are a preparation to do to the schedule of activities. We could not wait. ”

Hüsler The mayor said he was very pleased with Ms. Roy Landry work. “She’s very well organized, knows where it is going and how to get there. It is a competent woman. Sometimes can be mistaken, but I can tell you that we got it right with Mrs. Roy Landry. ”

This is the second time this year that Mr. Lalande denies hiring an employee to the town hall. He had expressed his dissent in January when hiring of Marie-Eve Goulet as head of the City’s communications. He felt such a redundant function for a municipality like Farnham.

Ms. Goulet works on a basis of 12:30 week.

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