Fatal accident at Scott: face-to-face with the suspect missed

amie-victimes-accident-mortel-nicky(Quebec) Relatives of Louis-David Fournier and Derick Bolduc-Coulombe, whose lives were cut short in a violent face-to-face Saturday night in Scott, Beauce, could not see the driver suspected of having led his van while drunk, causing the tragic accident. If some are voluntarily stayed home, too anxious, others made the crane foot in the courthouse in vain.

The man of 31 years of Guatemalan origin, one driving a van involved in fatal accident Saturday night, was still hospitalized Monday and could not appear as scheduled at St. Joseph courthouse -of-Beauce.

Wounded in the basin during the collision occurred around 23h, it had still not been discharged from the hospital on Monday afternoon, delaying investigation procedures. The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) confirmed the postponement of his appearance around 15:30, after hours of uncertainty.

After leaving the hospital, the worker and resident of St. Anselm to be questioned by investigators in the headquarters of the SQ. Sources familiar with the case confirmed that it would need an interpreter since it fluently speak only Spanish.

The suspected drunk driver should then be brought before a judge on Tuesday. The SQ plans to file two counts of driving while impaired causing death.

Dereck and Louis-David’s friends came to the courthouse during the day Monday, hoping to witness the appearance. The Sun was able to talk with Nicky Gilbert. “First, I wanted to see the guy, because it makes me angry what he did,” she said.

Already shocked by the loss of his friends, the young woman found even more frustrating to learn that the driver of the other vehicle was possibly under the influence of alcohol. “It really made me angry. I find it a little flat that the world still do it today … Do not you think that it can happen to your friends. ”

Louis-David Fournier as it was appreciated by all. “When you talked to him, gave you the impression of being his friend right away. It was really a good guy. I do not know anyone not like him, “she praised.

This spontaneous gathering of a hundred people in the homage of missing Sunday night in St. Bernard, she said she was touched and encouraged by the solidarity shown by his comrades. “It’s like that here in Beauce, it’s like a big gang and everybody knows each other.”

Few members of victims’ families came to the courthouse. Reached by telephone, aunt Derick Bolduc-Coulombe explained that the family had no plans to attend the appearance. His mother is “in all its forms,” ​​she has said.

Even Monday, the SQ was made miserly comments about the condition of the other two passengers, a woman and a man in his early twenties, who were also in the vehicle driven by Louis-David Fournier.

Two aunts of the young Beauceronne injured were at the courthouse Monday. These have indicated that in the last news, they protected was plunged into a coma in the hospital, where she underwent an emergency operation the night of the accident. According to these two families, their niece is still not out of the woods. If it comes out, they apprehend significant sequelae.

The fourth passenger, only to be conscious after the impact, managed to exit the vehicle himself but still had serious injuries. It would be out of danger.

Death Live

Witnesses told the Sun, Sunday and Monday, as friends, on board another car, followed the group of four involved in the accident on Route 171. One of them wrote on social networks he was “dret back” when face-to-face. “I top …”

Always according to witnesses, the car would have been raised under the force of the impact, before falling back heavily on the roadway a few meters away. Friends in the car behind wanted to rescue them, but their comrades were trapped by the crumpled sheet.

Sunday evening, the young people wanted to honor the victims by revving their engines and squealing their tires, raising clouds of white smoke into the air.

Collective emotional release for relatives
The close to two hundred of the victims of the accident Scott who had gathered in St. Bernard on Sunday night were later moved to the place of face-to-face to make a collective emotional release session.

A motorcade has converged on Highway 171 around 21h on Sunday at the corner of Bridge Street and Saint Stephen’s rank. After nightfall, young people began to make tracks on the road with their vehicles, under the cheers of their classmates. Others relied on the covers to put more pressure on the tires, even creating more white smoke in the air.

The ride lasted at least half an hour. According to the young people present there, for them it was their way of paying tribute to the missing. Louis-David Fournier, aka Podil, a native of St. Bernard, and Derick Bolduc-Coulombe of Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon, were two auto enthusiasts, we did it made clear.

Police Tolerance

The patrol cars of the Sûreté du Québec were dispatched to the scene Sunday evening. The police have tolerated the situation and did not ask young people to evacuate the area, even if they partially blocking the roadway. In the emotion of the moment, a young woman is itself mounted on the hood of a vehicle SQ.

Sad and angry 24 hours after the tragedy that occurred Saturday around 23h, young people were able to collect under police supervision for the rest of the evening.

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