Fatal accident in Beaumont: not a problem area, said the MTQ

vendredi-dernier-violente-collision-intersection(Quebec) Despite repeated concerns expressed by the municipal authorities of Beaumont, the intersection of Route 279 and Chemin Saint-Roch where occurred a fatal collision Friday is not considered particularly dangerous by the Ministry of Transport (MTQ).

This sector is not treated as a “site potential for improvement,” says Audrey Gauvin, spokesman MTQ. Yet the website Transports Québec defines such a site as “a small size site was the scene of a fatal accident, serious accidents or unusually high number of accidents can be reduced in order effective by working on the infrastructure. ”

Ms. Gauvin added that the sector has a “relatively low accident rate”, with 13 accidents from 2010 to 2014. Of the 13 accidents, none would be mortal, and one would have one serious injury.

For its part, the municipality of Beaumont has recently reiterated its request to secure the intersection of Route 279 and Chemin Saint-Roch by sending a resolution to the Security-Vision 279 Committee What speed is reduced to 70 km / h. “This resolution was forwarded to the committee, which includes the MTQ in July,” said Angèle Brochu, Director General of the municipality of Beaumont.

A folder “was committed to study” the Ministry says spokeswoman MTQ.

Beaumont Municipality also makes mention of two resolutions in the past sent to the MTQ concerning the road sector where 279 occurred Friday’s accident. In 2005 and 2013, respectively with a speed reduction request on Highway 279 between Highway 20 and the urban sector – section which is not part the intersection with Chemin Saint-Roch – and a request for installation of a traffic light at said intersection.

With respect to the traffic light, MTQ would have responded at the time that “visibility was excellent” at the intersection, and that “the infrastructure is not in question,” says Ms. Brochu, of the municipality of Beaumont.

No official request

The MTQ, it nevertheless indicates that the City has sent “no formal written resolution”.

“The Department regrets the unfortunate incident [occurred Friday] and agrees to discuss and improve where necessary” intersection in dispute, says spokeswoman MTQ. She said that the report of the investigation into the cause and circumstances of the accident should be made before any action is taken.

A meeting will also place this morning between the Ministry and the Municipality of Beaumont. This follows the release of Mayor André Goulet Saturday summoned political leaders to intervene “for this to advance.”

The Vision-279 Safety Committee will also meet in the coming days to assess the matter.

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