Fatal accident motocross Beauce: the victim was experienced

accident-serait-survenu-section-accidentee(Quebec) “It’s a shock, totally. It’s not a little girl who could not ride. “Jesse Leduc very familiar Marianne Brodeur, who died during a motocross competition Sunday at Saint-Évariste-de-Forsyth, in Beauce.

Manager magazine Grind Mx – who specializes in motocross – which Ms. Brodeur collaborating, Mr. Leduc said he was shocked when he heard the news later in the day. “She was about to be crowned champion of the season. I have no idea what happened … it’s a surprise. This is not something common. In the association, everyone knew, “he says, adding that the victim was a 18 years experienced enough motocross person.

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Sunday, Ms. Brodeur lost control of her vehicle while she was leading the pack. Upon arrival around 13h of first aid, her body was lifeless. She was taken to St George Hospital where his death was confirmed later in the day.

“The Enduro is an endurance race. It’s half past one time. Between 15 and 20 minutes, the person doing the most laps. Yes, speed plays a role, but it is the constancy more than anything else. The risks are smaller in Enduro, “says Leduc.

There were no witnesses to the accident. An investigation was opened by the Sûreté du Québec to determine the circumstances surrounding the tragic event.

A Facebook page was created in his honor in memory of Marianne Brodeur …

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