Fatal collision in Scott, “The world will never subdue!”

miting(Quebec) “It’s very moving to see how much he was loved. You feel less alone in this tragedy. “The aunt of one of the victims of 19 years died Saturday at Scott in a violent collision was touched to see that a hundred young people gathered in the parking lot behind the hotel City St. Bernard to honor the victims.

During the passage of the Sun, around 19:45 profound silence reigned at the scene. Pats on the shoulder, braces, adolescents present tried to cheer as they could, while others lined up to sign the cross made in honor of the missing.

“It’s a big loss,” says the lady, after extensive hugged a young woman who could not hold back his tears. “It was a little ray of sunshine, everyone loved him. The two boys had only 19, it’s horrible. The world will never subdue! “She adds, referring to the other driver involved in the accident, which could be charged Monday with driving while impaired causing death. “Those who do that are not sufficiently penalized. It seems that people do not want to understand. They will kill the young. This is not forgivable. ”

According to Julie – the aunt of the victim – the departure “too early” the young man will leave a great void in the family. “It was the only son of my sister. The family is destroyed and his friends too. For me it was my neighbor was a friend of my children, it was a confidant, he was a person who was listening a lot. He was always cheerful. For the other boy still alive, he has seen it all. He remembers everything. He’ll have the images in his head for the rest of his life. He’ll have a hard time to cope. ”

Reportedly, the girl in the car – which is no longer fears for life – recently attended one of the two dead teenagers.

Present on site, Édith Gauthier, the best friend of one of the two victims, claims to have lost his soul mate. “I was with him an hour before the accident. He was with us and we went to dinner. Around 10 am, he told me he was going to bed. I think that if he had stayed with me, this would never have happened and nobody died … He was a person with a big heart. We were always together. ”

Touching farewells

Throughout the day, several relatives of the victims came to gather at the scene of the accident, including the aunt, Natasha, and grandmother, Lise, another young man of 19 years died. They were upset because it is the third kind of tragedy that struck their family.

“My life will never be the same. It’s a part of me that just left, “says Lise.

It was around two in the morning that Natasha received the call from the mother of his nephew. “When I received the phone, I picked my brother and we went to the hospital. It was demolished, says Natasha. It’s a little boy who loved to laugh. See lying on a stretcher like that and you can not see his face and part of his hand, even with the tube in the throat, I would not wish that on anyone. I have not even had time to say “I love you, ‘” she says, in tears, stating that it is four families that are broken. “My six year old daughter told me today:” Mom, the dog that I love, can you bring it to my cousin? ‘”

After losing two family members, one in a car accident, the other – also a young man of 19 years – stabbed in his apartment, this is the third mourning they must live.

“How long it will be for two deaths on his conscience, a little girl in a coma and another young man seriously injured?” Asked Natasha.

Around 20:30, people present behind the town hall moved to the place of the accident to remove the cross and say goodbye to their friends.

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